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Keys to an Awesome Listing Presentation for Real Estate Agents


As a savvy real estate agent, you must be aware of the importance of carrying out a seamless real estate listing presentation. In this post, we will take a look at everything you need to know about listing presentations, and how to utilize them to convert leads into listings.

What To Put Into Your Listing Presentation

What is a listing presentation? A listing presentation is your opportunity to show potential sellers the reason why they should go with you when selling their home. This presentation is essential for you to be able to sign on a new client. There are a few things you have to keep in mind. You will have some competition.

According to statistics, more than half of sellers interview multiple agents before they decide to take on an agent for their home sale. This does not have as much to do with price and commission as you may think. Remember, a person’s home is their most valuable asset, and it is the place where they have invested the majority of their income and their time.

They want to know that they are dealing with an individual who is competent and trustworthy. Your presentation is the time when you can put your best foot forward, and show potential clients why your agency deserves their business.

Prepare Your Mind and Show Curiosity

There are various steps that you should take when you are preparing for your listing presentation. First of all, prepare your mind. Have a positive mindset when you are going into the encounter with your potential clients. You want to be engaging, kind and curious.

Make sure that you are going in to get information not just to promote yourself. Some listing agents make the mistake of approaching their clients with their list of accomplishments and credentials. Instead, find out more about the homeowners and their unique needs.

Go into the listing presentation with a curious mind, and have a list of set questions that you will casually ask them as you talk. You must be ready to ask clients questions about their needs and desires for selling their home.

Poise and Confidence Matters

The way that you present yourself can speak volumes about your capabilities; the seller’s perception of you is key. Research has proven that social interactions with clients can have a huge impact on their trust in you.

Of course, when you show up from the first listing presentation, you are going to look your best. Professional attire is a given, but apart from that, you want to be pleasant and helpful. A firm handshake is also a good social interaction. A confident handshake can have a positive social impact on your client; it will make them feel like you are a person who can take control of the situation.

Gather Information Before Going To The Table

When you come onto the property, the home owners will likely want to have a discussion about what they want from you. Instead, take control of the power dynamic in a proactive way. You are a competent agent, so gather facts before you give them all of your stats. Why not ask the homeowners if you can go around the house in order to do an assessment?

When you go around the house, make sure to have your notepad out and take notes of absolutely everything. You are going to want to ask sellers about any renovations or updates that they have done to the house that could increase the home’s value.

Even if there is something that they have forgotten to mention, you want to be perceptive and curious about anything that you notice with the house. After you have asked them all of the questions that you need to know about them and their property, then sit down at the table, and answer any and all questions that they may have about you and your accomplishments.

Have A Well Prepared PowerPoint Presentation

You will want to have a PowerPoint presentation about what advantages you have over your competition. You have already asked all of your questions first, and now you are able to give your clients more information about you and your agency. In this PowerPoint presentation, have information about your top skills, the houses that you have sold in the area. You want to let your clients know why you are qualified to sell their home.

Show them what resources that you are going to leverage. Will you be using social media, online, digital, or a mix of everything? They are not going to want to know every single detail, but they are going to want to have an overall idea of how you are going to sell their home. If you have any other specialties such as marketing or photography inform your clients of that as well.

You do well to print out your PowerPoint documentation and make sure that your devices are completely charged before going to the presentation. Technology can fail, so you want to be prepared just in case the worst happens. When you have a sleek, introducing PowerPoint presentation, you show your customers that you are prepared and highly capable.

Do Your Homework and Be Ready

Before you even get to the sellers table, you need to have all of your information in order. Find out all that there is to know about the homes that have sold in the area. Have your comp sheets with you in digital and printed formats, have all the stats about the neighborhood, and be ready to answer any questions that your clients may come up with. Pricing of the home can be a sticky subject, but since you are already aware of this, come prepared. Always ask your seller what he or she is hoping to get for the house?

If they give you a number that your research has shown to be reasonable, then you can agree with their statistics, or offer them a range if you think the home might be able to sell for a higher price.

If their number is higher than what would be expected, you can ask your clients where they got the number from? If they saw other homes go for a higher price in the neighborhood, you could show them the stats that you preemptively researched about those sold homes. Similar homes may have sold in the neighborhood, but did they have recent renovations? Did they add on a deck?

These are realities that the sellers will not think of, but you already are prepared with your comp sheets.


With hard work, diligence and preparation, you will be able to give a killer real estate listing presentation. You are a professional, so go the extra mile when it comes into giving the client what they want.

Present yourself with poise and confidence, be prepared to answer all of your clients’ questions, and do your homework. When you have the data and you can prove that you have a success rate in selling homes, you will give your sellers the confidence that they need to have you list their home.

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