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6 Ways To Make Money On Messengers That Allow You Not To Work


Messengers have already managed to become part of the life of every modern person. If before they were used only for correspondence and communication, now it is one of the ways to earn money on the Internet.

Cheappaperwriting company experts claim that among all the possible techniques, there are 6 that are not bad income, and some of them do not even require an initial investment.

Selling advertisements

One of the most popular ways to make money on messengers is by selling ads. For this method to be profitable, it is important to have your own channel and a certain number of subscribers. One of the advantages of such earnings is that it does not require an initial investment in most cases. But to attract the right audience to your channel or group, you need to make some effort – to post high-quality and interesting content and, of course, to engage in the promotion. You can do it for free with the help of blogs and social networks or buy advertising from bloggers. And to make your texts truly interesting for your audience, use the help of professional authors on essaysformoney.com. Having extensive experience in various fields, they will provide you with high-quality texts.

Note! Of course, you can buy subscribers, but this is not a very effective way to increase the audience, because it will not be targeted.

Creating bots

Another way of earning – the creation of bots. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with writing code can do this. Creators of messengers support the development of bots and sometimes even hold competitions.

Conducting contests

In messengers, you can often see posts about holding contests, called Giveaways (gives). Earlier gives were popular on Instagram, but now they can be found in large numbers in popular messengers. The essence of such a contest is as follows:

  1. An organizer with a large audience creates a contest, the prizes of which are quite expensive.
  2. In this case, the organizer does not spend his own money, all gifts are purchased for the money of sponsors.
  3. Next, the organizer needs to unsubscribe from “unnecessary” subscriptions and leave only the organizers in them.
  4. To participate in the contest users have to sign out the organizer and all the sponsors who are in their subscriptions.
  5. On the given date there is a drawing of a present with the help of randomizer software that randomly defines the winner.

Everyone benefits from such a contest. The organizer, who collects the money from the sponsors, buys the prize and keeps the rest. In this case, the amount can be up to 80% of the collected funds. The sponsor gets real live subscribers. And the participant gets a chance to win a good prize, up to a car.

Cheating subscribers

Cheating subscribers is also a good way to make money in the messenger. But you need to get the audience from somewhere. That is why sellers usually resell subscribers. The latter are bought on special exchanges at a minimum price and then sold to customers at a higher cost. You can offer to gain subscribers on the service exchange, where there are many potential customers. If the business will scale and develop, you can create your own bot. Of course, this type of earnings is not encouraged by the developers of messengers, but it has a right to exist.

Creating accounts to sell them

This kind of earning will require money investment because you need to sell channels/groups with a recruited audience and quality content. This way of earning is perfect for those who understand promotion and advertising. To earn in this way it is necessary:

  1. Analyze the market and choose which topics are in high demand.
  2. Choose a promising niche and begin to promote the channel or group.

The cost of the account depends on the number of subscribers at the time of sale and can be very different. Demand is both for small channels and for multi-thousand channels.

Maintaining someone else’s account

Today, business is increasingly penetrating the web, so the service of maintaining and promoting someone else’s account is becoming popular. Often, customers choose comprehensive promotions from SMM specialists. However, you can also make money on individual types of work:

  • writing unique posts and selling texts (in case of difficulties, you can always count on the written help of this company);
  • setting up advertising;
  • account design, creating a logo/cover page;
  • help in moderating comments.

To find customers, you can use freelance exchanges. Initially, it is difficult to get a high-paying project because of the great competition, but after some time, with experience, you can earn a lot.

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that it is quite realistic to make money in messengers. The main thing is to choose a method that suits you.