How To Transform A WordPress Site Into A Business Tool

WordPress is an excellent customer management system (CMS) platform for bloggers who want to create a personal blog to share their thoughts and ideas with many people, such as how-to content, educational articles, etc.  

However, did you know that you can do more than post and publish web content by turning it into a business tool? Yes, you read that right. WordPress is more than a personal blog you can use to share brilliant thoughts and ideas.  

It can be transformed into a business platform, such as an e-commerce website, where you can earn income while posting blogs. Many companies do this to generate profit in two different ways.  

In addition, WordPress has a very active community, which makes it a great business tool used for generating passive income. That being said, you might want to learn how to transform your WordPress site and start earning right now. Here are some ways that may help you turn your blog site into a business tool:

  • Choose Your CRM Plugins

Before you turn your WordPress site into an income-generating website, you must learn and choose the necessary WordPress CRM plugins you need. CRM plugins are software programs that will help you maintain positive customer relationships and gain more clients. 

The main purpose of CRM plugins is to manage and store customer data, such as purchase history, contact details, and sales inquiries. Also, these programs can handle marketing campaigns to boost your business.

Here are the three types of CRM plugins for your WordPress site:

  • Operational CRM: This type of CRM software is used to automate programs to improve workflow when it comes to customer service, sales, and marketing. Also, it allows businesses to boost their customer-centric process to gain more and retain old existing clients. 
  • Analytical CRM: This is used to collect data from customer interactions to determine which areas to improve for better engagement and to retain existing customers. 
  • Collaborative CRM: This type is focused on engaging with the customers and distributors based on the data you collected to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. 

These are the types of CRM plugins you may consider adding to your WordPress site as you transform it into a business platform. 

  • Dive Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be the most common and easiest way to generate income from your blog site. It uses clickable links, also known as affiliate links, placed on highlighted texts, images, or phrases that direct viewers to a landing page of a third-party company. So, how can you earn money with affiliate or referral links? 

Blog sites may earn income through third-party links on a commission basis. For example, you may generate revenue based on the number of clicks on the link and your viewer’s purchase on the affiliate website.  

However, attracting third-party companies to become your partner may not be that easy. Establish a good SEO rating to show your prospects that your website can generate good web traffic and generate potential income.  

How To Transform A WordPress Site Into A Business Tool
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  • Create Ad Spots

Like affiliate links, ad spots are an excellent technique to generate and streamline income. Ad spots work by advertising and recommending products through your blogs. In addition, you may do this in two ways: 

  • Sell your spots
  • Join a network

Moreover, selling ad spots will give a fixed monthly income, unlike affiliate links. However, no rate will be applied no matter how many clicks your site generates. However, your clients may not renew the space if they’re not getting enough clicks to generate income.

Lastly, you may apply to join an ad network and let them sell your ad spaces. However, you have little control over these ads, but the good thing is, you don’t have to sell them on your own. This is because of the system they use only to show relevant ads based on your content or your viewer’s recent searches. 

  • Create A Newsletter

Newsletters are another excellent strategy to earn more money through your WordPress site. They are similar to a snapshot of news or posts with your viewers and subscribers via email. You can also place ad spots on newsletters like a blog, and you can sell these spaces on your own or let ad networks sell them for you. 

However, many third-party services do not allow affiliate links on newsletters. So, check the content of your newsletter and the terms and conditions of your email marketing provider.

  • Create Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts work when a company asks you to create content that promotes their products. Usually, they look for websites that share the same ideas and goals based on how their products work.  

For example, if your blog aims to provide content about hand-held vacuum cleaners, a vacuum manufacturer may ask you to post an article related to or promoting their products.   

Also, they may ask you to create review-style content that directly promotes their products. For example, you may produce an article entitled ‘Reason Why To Use This Vacuum.’ The great thing about this is that they may give you their product for free or pay you for the article. 

But remember, you have to be honest when conducting a review. If your review has false and biased claims about the product, your website might have tarnished its reputation, and viewers might no longer see you as a reliable source of information.

  • Produce Subscription And Membership Content

Subscription and membership content is a great way to generate income through viewers willing to pay additional fees for exclusive and worth reading articles, blogs, and newsletters. However, people may no longer subscribe if they find your exclusive articles not good or not worth their time.

With that said, it’s crucial to produce exclusive content that consistently entices your viewers and grabs their attention. 

Final Words

WordPress is a great tool to share your thoughts and ideas with many people in the form of blogs, videos, and educational content. Also, it’s an excellent platform for earning and generating passive income.  

You can apply affiliate links, use your spaces, create newsletters, produce sponsored content and reviews, and create content for premium subscribers and members. However, to become successful, your site must be able to generate huge traffic that will attract potential clients. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to use the best CRM plugins for your platform. These programs will help you maintain and foster a positive and nurturing customer relationship.  


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