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More Is Always Better When It Comes To Car Accessories – Let’s Look At The Best Ones!


No matter what type of car you own, it will come standard with factory fitted accessories to make the drive pleasant (we love the standard features in the Mazda CX-30).

But, did you know you can purchase additional car accessories that enhance your driving experience even more?

We have gathered the best accessories that you may want to consider buying to take your car to the next level and to make your car feel like a brand new car.

1) Tire Inflator and Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Inflator

A tire inflator (or air compressor) is an incredibly useful tool, whether you are frequently driving or your car is parked for long periods at a time.

If you have no mechanic or gas station nearby and find yourself with a flat, then an inflator is a great help.

It works by simply connecting the plug to the car outlet on the centre console. Inflators can be purchased online or from an auto parts store.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS can connect to your smartphone and check and notify you of tire pressure information.

Many car manufacturers are installing these in new models, but we highly recommend you purchase a TPMS if you don’t have one already.

It warns you if the pressure falls below the recommended range, and help you ensure a longer lifespan for your tires.

2) Portable Battery and Jump-Starter

If your car is stationary for a long time, the battery may drain to a point where it cannot spark the ignition.

A dead battery can be very frustrating if you have no one around to jump-start the battery.

In such a case, a portable battery with jumper cables will be a great help, and you will be able to instantly start your car. Most auto stores will stock these.

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3) Dashcam

In recent years, dash cams have almost become a necessity, especially in commercial vehicles.

It can be used to collect evidence in the case of an accident.

Dashcams collect footage from your entire trip and can be used to provide a live video feed if you are driving in tough conditions (like snow and cold weather at night).

4) Cabin Air Filter and Purifier

Air Filter

Most new cars come with excellent air filters, but an older car may not quite be up to scratch.

Getting a cabin air filter will help remove harmful pollutants from the air, like smog, smoke, dust and even viruses.

Air Purifier

Similar to filters, air purifiers clean and purify the air in the cabin, and also release a pleasant scent.

5) Phone Mount

Want to make hands-free calls but don’t have Bluetooth connectivity? Trying to navigate to a new place without a sat-nav in the car?

A cellphone mount is a perfect solution. Mounts can be stuck to the windshield or mounted on the air vents and will stop you from having to look down at your phone or a map.

6) Car Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaners will leave your car in tip-top shape. If you like to keep your car clean, then this vacuum cleaner is the perfect gadget.

You will be able to instantly clean up any crumbs or dirt on the seats or floor mats.

7) USB Cable

If your car comes with a USB port, then a USB cable is a must-have accessory.

Your new car may come with wireless charging, but if not, a charging cable is a must to charge your cellphone or other devices. It is also small enough to store in the glove box if you don’t need it.

8) Life-Saving Tool

In a situation where you could get stuck in your car, a life-saving tool is, well, a life-saver.

Most of these tools come with seat-belt cutting and window-breaking abilities, as well as some other functionalities like LED lights, an SOS siren and a power bank.

9) First Aid Kit

Most vehicles come with a first aid kit, but not all of them will be of the highest standard.

Supplement your kit with medicines, bandages and ointments, and check it regularly to check nothing has expired. Store the kit under the passenger seat for easy access.

More Is Always Better When It Comes To Car Accessories - Let's Look At The Best Ones!.jpg

10) Portable Coffee Maker

Any early morning commuter will vouch for the power of coffee. It improves concentration, wakes you up, and keeps you warm. Coffee is a must for any traveller.

No explanation is therefore needed regarding the importance of a portable coffee maker as a car accessory.


Your car manufacturer may provide standard tools like tools to change your tire that is stored with the spare tire, but you can never go wrong with purchasing additional car gadgets.

There are so many other accessories to consider, like seat covers to protect your leather seats, DIY tools like duct tape, or things to keep kids occupied, so this list above is certainly not exhaustive.

If you want to get some add ons to your car, do some research and find just what works for you.