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What is to be considered to buy the best ergonomic keyboard


Are you looking for the best keyboard for small hands? Well! You have made the right choice. Small hand keyboards are better and share a more reliable typing experience when compared to the standard keyboards. Although, there are people who still overlook the dangers of using the less than the optimal keyboard. If you’re one of those people who are into a lot of typing and do not want to hurt your wrist or hands, you must choose a small ergonomic keyboard. Before you make the final decision, you need to consider certain key factors. In this guide, we have discussed the important factors to be considered while purchasing the ergonomic keyboard.

Things to consider while choosing the best ergonomic keyboard.

Type of work

If you are the one who fits in front of their computer for more than 12 hours a week, you will surely benefit from the ergonomic keyboard. Those who are working in the fields of continuous typing, for example, software developers or copywriters, must be knowing how one’s body is positioned during the typing. Most of the new ergonomic keyboards are customizable, which means, you can manage or change the functions for the keys according to your work requirement.

Size and shape

The size and shape of your keyboard must complement the size and shape of your workplace. You can go for either an unsplit keyboard, partially split keyboard, or completely split keyboard according to your need. An idle setup may include the best wireless vertical Mouse and a comfortable chair.

Key layout

Most of the small ergonomic keyboards come with unique key layouts that enable the users to change keys for the most commonly used keys like page up, page down, alt, and control. Many keyboards also go without the standard quality layout, whereas the alternative layout may require some time to get familiar with. These are more comfortable and efficient. Many of the ergonomic keyboards do not support number pads as they force the user’s right hand to type at an uncomfortable angle. 

Tilt and adjustability

During the typing, the hands must be neutral, and in the right position. Most of the standard keyboards are tilted towards the upward direction to back from the front, this encourages the user to type using their hands. It is recommended to go for the keyboard with zero tilt, or you can even consider the negative tilt where the bottom of the keyboard is placed at a higher position than the top. Some keyboards have a fixed angle while the others are adjustable, enabling users to adjust them according to their comfort.

Wrist rest

Some of the ergonomic keyboards come with a pad wrist rest that provides support to the wrist when the user is typing or resting. In case your ergonomic keyboard does not have the wrist rest, you can also purchase it separately later.

So this is all you need to know about the ergonomic keyboard before you go for the one you purchased. Consider all the recommendations and features to choose the best ergonomic keyboard for small hands to make your typing experience better than before.