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How to Play Blackjack in Online Casinos


Although there are legal gambling options, horse racing, and lotteries in the country famous for K-pop and K-dramas, casinos are generally reserved for tourists and foreign players. Even gambling sites are prohibited in South Korea, so its citizens get their gameplay from international developers.

Online casino expert An Jung Su, noted that: “블랙 잭 사이트는 플레이어를 즐겁게 할 수 있는 다양한 변형이 있기 때문에 인기가 있습니다.” Among the endless casino games available on websites, blackjack remains a classic and timeless game that can be found on any casino platform.

What’s the hype about blackjack? In this article, An Jung Su discusses why it’s such a famed game. View the author’s page to read similar articles.

Online Blackjack

Playing casino games online has its perks and drawbacks. But because it’s hard to access land-based casinos in South Korea, its citizens turn to online casino games. One such game with many varieties and themes is blackjack.

The Rules

The game rules are similar in both physical and any online casino in South Korea.

What is the goal in online blackjack? It’s simple: To get the cards’ sum equal to 21.

At the start of the game, players will be given two cards – one is faced up to let the participants see its value. The other one is faced down, so its value remains a mystery. Only the player who owns the card will know the value of the card that’s faced down.

Similarly, the other participants in the game will have their own mystery cards that only they are privy to.

Players will add their cards and the one who’s closest to 21 wins.

The value of the cards are as follows:

  • Face Cards (King, Queen, Jack) is 10.
  • Ace Card is either 1 or 11. If using 11 means the player’s cards exceed 21, then the Ace card’s value becomes 1.
  • All the other cards are taken at their face value.

During the rounds, players can either:

  • Hit, meaning the player is given another card until they feel the cards they have (hand) have values close to 21.
  • Stay or Stand, meaning the player doesn’t want another card because they think the value of their cards is already close to 21.
  • Fold or Surrender, meaning half of the bet is returned while the other is given to the dealer.

Other terms new players should be aware of are:

  • Bankroll – The player’s available money or their fund for gambling.
  • Bust – Called when the player runs out of money.
  • Double Down – Happens when the player feels lucky and the dealer is weak. It means doubling the initial wager to win double.
  • House Edge – Refers to the casino’s advantage over the player. In blackjack, the house edge is a little over 1%.

Play Live Blackjack Online

South Koreans can’t visit land-based casinos because of their country’s laws. If they want to try and experience what it is like to play blackjack in real life, the closest they can get to it is through a live blackjack play.

In a live blackjack playthrough, a real person serves as the dealer. Other participants on the virtual table are also real people who will use their wits against the other players to win the round and earn their winnings.

Blackjack Strategy Tips

Here are some tips players can use to get an advantage over the other participants at their table:

1.   Learn the Rules

Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game. This will help players make better decisions and understand the dealer and the other participants’ actions throughout the game.

Don’t dive into the complicated rules and strategies just yet. One will need to digest the basic strategy first so they can try, use, and perfect it during rounds of gameplay. Study the statistical possibilities of the cards showing up in rounds and how you can use these statistics to your advantage.

2.   Keep on Practicing

Although some regard blackjack as a game of chance where the winning party only needs a dash of luck, it’s a blend of chance and skill. These skills will only be available to bettors who sharpen their instinct by continuously playing blackjack repeatedly.

3.   Set Limitations

Even if a player is on a winning streak, they need to be aware of his bankroll and only spend what they can afford to lose. Most players, especially newbies, tend to keep on playing even after losing their winning streaks, thinking they’ll eventually be able to chase their winning streak back, only to realize they lost all their funds.


Players who want to try online casinos should start with blackjack. It’s an ageless game with easy rules and exciting gameplay. It also comes in every theme and visual possible.