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Top 7 User-friendly Tools That Help You Convert PDF to Word


We often deal with situations when we have a PDF file, have to replace some information there but cannot do this because of the format. In this case, the following tools will let you convert files to Word in minutes.


This is a simple app with an intuitive interface. All you have to do is to download it and specify the files to be converted. 4 formats are available for conversion: Word document, image, text, and HTML. The advantage of the software is the possibility of batch processing, so you can handle multiple elements at once. The developers have announced support for almost all languages, but control in Russian, alas, is absent. The software installer runs seamlessly on any version of Windows.

Free File Converter

This app is great for working with not only PDF, but audio and video formats. All actions are performed online, and the site itself is adapted to mobile screens that makes it as easy to use on the go, like 22Bet Tanzania or a mobile Netflix app.

First specify the source file, which should not exceed 300 megabytes in size. In the second step, choose a format from the list. It remains only to click on the “Convert” button to start the process.

The duration of the conversion depends on various factors: PC performance, the size of the source. When finished, you will be able to download the finished document.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free

Another software you can download to your computer. There are several processing modes available which are presented in the form of visual buttons (see the screenshot above). Many users prefer this software because of the ability to convert from PDF to a format understandable to ebooks (EPUB). The batch conversion feature is one of the most essential pros.


On this site you can easily solve your tasks by following three elementary steps. Just be careful, specifying your email address to receive the finished file. Under the field for entering the address, there is a check mark for agreeing to become a member of the mailing list. If you compare it with analogue products, this tool converts everything for free and in seconds. But it is possible to order the conversion with text recognition, but for this you will have to pay.


This tool has a lot of positive reviews, thanks to the extensive functionality and visual simplicity. All you need to do is to click the big button labeled “Upload a File to Convert…”, and indicate the source location. Then the process starts, which takes a few minutes. As a result, you will be able to download the finished file and dispose of it as you see fit.


The next tool allows you to work without registration. At the very top you need to specify the type of conversion, then go through several steps by filling in the appropriate fields. What makes this application better than the others? It is worth noting its speed, which is several times faster. The quality of processing is not reduced. Besides, the tool is perfectly displayed on mobile platforms. The developers are constantly improving the software to eliminate bugs and make the service better.


SmallPDF is one of the most modern projects. It combines all the best of its competitors. It is possible to download the desktop version to work offline. But it costs money. At the site, you can do the conversion for free. You have tons of useful tools like merging, splitting, compressing, and more. The processing quality is high. Besides, SmallPDF has a nice interface, good quality of the resulting file, and a relatively high speed.