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Turn crypto to real-life goods and services with Crypto for Gift


Turn crypto to real-life goods and services with Crypto for Gift

Cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly common way of payment, but it is not always easy to find ways to use them to buy common goods. Often most Crypto Holders, when they want to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for current purchases, rely on Exchange or Fiat currency converters.

Unfortunately, however, the cost of commissions has a heavy impact and the continuous fluctuations in rates very often make the exchange inconvenient, and so we end up accumulating cryptocurrency without ever finding the right time to spend it.

What can you do with Crypto for Gift?

Crypto for Gift is an e-commerce platform that offers products and services to people who want to use cryptocurrencies in an easier way. This tool provides a wide variety of digital Gift Cards from different brands, in many product categories such as, for example, video games, e-commerce, payment cards, entertainment, mobile top-ups, and many others. To purchase the products, just need to have an e-mail address, to which the codes to redeem the Gift Cards will be sent. It is not necessary to create an account, and this makes the service ideal for those who care about their online privacy and want to make purchases in full anonymity. Crypto for Gift offers a private and secure experience, with digital delivery of products internationally.

The platform allows you to buy gift cards from over 1000 companies, including Amazon®, Ebay®, Playstation®, Steam®, Twitch®, Bitnovo®, etc … and there are also many options to purchase Gift Cards from the gaming world, like Fortnite®, PUBG® or Apex Legends®. And there is also no shortage of gift cards from international telephone companies, such as Vodafone® or Kena Mobile®. The list is very long and varied, and you can find it directly on the homepage of the website, which you will find at the end of the article.

How the purchase works

Buying Gift Cards in the online shop is really very simple. As mentioned above, it is not necessary to register an account, but just have an e-mail address to which the selected products will be sent. This will make the purchase completely anonymous and safe. As soon as you land on the platform, just select the desired products and add them to the cart, then you need to choose one of the payment methods available to complete the order. Orders are processed instantly and delivery takes place immediately after payment confirmation. Fast and safe! The codes to redeem the Gift Cards for the corresponding products or services will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail address.

In the event that an order is not delivered, for example due to a sudden lack of the product or other misunderstandings, you will not have to worry because Crypto for Gift will immediately refund your cryptocurrency. For any further problems that the user may have during the purchase, the direct assistance service is always available via e-mail at support@cryptoforgift.com

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Lightning Network

Crypto for Gift offers a fast, safe and private way to convert your cryptocurrencies into goods and services for daily use, through digital Gift Cards. It’s fast and affordable, with low fees. It accepts several cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dai and USD Coin.

But the real strength of the service is the ability to pay via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is the big promise that will make Bitcoin faster and easier to use as a payment method for the masses. It is a protocol designed on a Blockchain that allows fast transactions between participating nodes, and has been proposed as a solution to the problem of Bitcoin’s scalability. Through this network, cryptocurrency payments are instant and this represents a huge advantage over traditional transactions on other Blockchains. By combining the Lightning Network technology and the Gift Card system, Crypto for Gift offers a unique user experience for its customers.

Are you curious? Take a quick look at the website and discover all the sensational opportunities: https://cryptoforgift.com/shop?utm_source=gf_article_2