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Everything you need to know about 90-second explainer videos


It’s no surprise that digital marketing evolves on a daily basis. If you want your company or organization to be current in the market, you must be open-minded and prepared to try new ideas. If you’re having trouble coming up with ways to market your company, consider employing instructional videos.

Videos are a great method to get a message across. There are a number of reasons why you should make a video, but one of the most essential is that it will attract more attention than text or photographs.

What exactly are explainer videos?

Short animated films that capture the spirit of your business in a few minutes are good explainer videos. The video should be no more than 30 seconds or 2 minutes for optimal engagement. Within 90 seconds, the explainer video should have captivated the audience.

However, since explainer films are often more costly than a business investment, many organizations overlook them. If your budget is limited, you may utilize an animated explainer video maker to create a video that is tailored to your specific company requirements. And 90 second videos by Explain Ninja will not let the potential client pass by or remain indifferent.

How can you develop a video that is both informative and entertaining?

Marketers may benefit from explainer films since they are both practical and educational. To make an interesting video, you don’t need years of expertise or thousands of dollars.

Brand values are represented in explainer videos. As a result, your explanation video should be representative of your firm. It must be captivating and unforgettable.

The urge to make an animated explainer film, on the other hand, is an excellent venture for marketers. It also provides them a sense of the amount of time and effort that goes into creating one of these animations.

Everything you need to know about 90-second explainer videos

Collect information

It’s critical to understand the prerequisites for a successful explainer video before you begin. This will find the video’s highlights and filter out the information you don’t need.

A creative brief is a form that contains information such as the video’s objective, target audience, and elevator pitch. By integrating everyone at this point, you can also involve your team in what you want to achieve in terms of innovation.

Create a script

It everything begins with a thought, a personal experience, or an emotional experience. It’s up to you to choose the best foundation for your animated explainer film.

The word count for a 90-second explanation film should be between 200 and 215 words. This is a significant amount of time to present your goods and business to certain people. As a result, make the most of it to generate leads.

Shorter films keep prospective buyers’ attention from beginning to end. Longer videos, on the other hand, are more likely to be overlooked. As a result, buyers are more likely to overlook critical information about your organization and product.


Investing time in finding the ideal speaker is a wise decision. It’s critical to pick a tone of voice that suits what you’re attempting to portray with your brand message since it may make or break your video. Finding the correct voice for your business, whether masculine or female, British or American, will be crucial to create an experience that people will like.

Creating a storyboard and framing

A storyboard is a visual picture of how your script will be performed, complete with action descriptions and visual effects. A storyboard is a diagram or blueprint that designers and animators use to build scenes, transitions, and development in their animation on paper.


Visual style is included in animation. Animators followed the brand requirements to make it. It’s referred to as a color storyboard. These are fully customisable full-color visuals made by the animators that demonstrate how the final film will appear in roughly 20 seconds or less.


A music composer may be able to create a unique tune, but special sound effects may be required to give a little additional flare. Mouse clicks, scrolling, and pop-ups are common in video editors, and they all provide the viewer greater context for what’s occurring on the screen. You may effortlessly attract the audience’s attention with the right background music, helping them to successfully absorb and remember your message.