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Top five uses for swarf mats


Swarf mats are very useful across a number of industry sectors. These rubber industrial mats can help to catch any dust, debris and swarf particles and make the working area much safer and more comfortable. If you have recently invested in a swarf mat, here are five of the best ways that you can get the most out of it.

1. In the kitchen

In a commercial kitchen or food prep area, cleanliness and good hygiene are the most important factors. And, when prepping food, one of the most common places for food particles to escape to is the floor. If anyone steps on the food and then starts to walk around, they are spreading bacteria from the soles of their shoes and the food onto the rest of the floor.

By placing a swarf mat on the floor where the majority of food is prepped and cooked, you can ensure your kitchen stays clean and the floor is always shining.

2. In a hospital

The thing about swarf is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be particles of metal from a machine – it can be any type of particle. In a hospital setting, swarf could come from soles of shoes or dust from the movement of people around the building.

This can be a problem especially in surgical areas of a hospital, where dust and dirt particles can contaminate the sterile field. Placing a swarf mat at entrances and exits in clinical areas can reduce the number of particles and keep the whole area much cleaner.

3. In a workshop

This is one of the ways in which swarf mats are most commonly used. Workshops and factories produce a lot of dust and chips or filings of stone, metal and other materials. This can not only lead to a messy workplace, but it can also put the health and safety of workers at risk.

There are special swarf mats designed for areas like this, as they feature a pattern of holes to capture the swarf effectively and contain it in a small area. These holes also reduce the risk of slip hazards as they are able to contain any oil or coolant spills and allow the person working in the area to walk away safely. 

4. By a production line

If your set-up is a production line, assembly line, or a narrow area or corridor in which you frequently walk up and down, it is best to install an anti-fatigue swarf mat here too. An anti-fatigue swarf mat can help to catch any dust or swarf that comes from boxes to make working much more comfortable and  provide a cushioned floor surface to work on. 

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