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Advantages a mobile ERP provides your business


ERP Systems

ERP systems are crucial in all businesses, they have been used for years and continue to be implemented in new enterprises regularly. For those who require context, an ERP system is an Enterprise Resource Planning system. These tools are crucial for the automation, and integration, of several business processes. Through ERP systems, companies can streamline several processes such as creating maintenance schedules for assets or managing customers’ orders. While these systems are crucial for business, the business environment continues to evolve. 

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have been increasing in popularity, and with good reason. After all, as more people work remotely or with flexible hours, smartphones are the one tool all employees have on them with the computing power required to conduct business activities. Therefore it was only a matter of time before mobile ERPs began to be adopted by several companies.  

Mobile ERP Systems

Mobile ERP systems, as the name suggests, are ERP systems on a mobile platform. But what are the advantages provided by these platforms that lead to such high adoption rates by companies? As it has also resulted in mobile operability becoming a vital criterion for companies who are looking for an ERP system. Let’s take a look. 

Increased Productivity

This is frequently cited as one of the main reasons why companies implement a mobile ERP. Many companies have employees that travel often, or in recent years work remotely, if your ERP platform can solely be used on computers or laptops this can prove to be an issue. For example, if an employee is working in an airport, rather than having to take out their laptop to work, they can action their requests and conduct their business through their phone. It is not an inaccurate statement to say that most employees have a smartphone. With a mobile ERP system, companies can leverage these tools for greater efficiency among employees. 

Increased Accessibility

The benefit of accessibility often goes in hand with productivity but should still be noted. Accessibility to an ERP solution is vital, as it allows workers in various departments to understand what processes are being conducted. Accessibility to an ERP system means access to information. For example, if a sales agent wants to confirm if inventory is available for a sale, they can review the ERP system. With a mobile ERP system, the inventory manager within the facility can also note that stock has been sold, what the current inventory levels are, and whether they need to purchase more stock. This is due to information being more accessible over a mobile ERP platform. 

Increased Competitive Advantage

In the current business landscape, it is vital to empower your employees and provide them with the tools needed to ensure your companies success. With a mobile ERP, employees have increased access to information that can provide them with the ability to make more informed decisions. This means that companies now have an increased competitive advantage by properly equipping employees. 

Increased Quality of Service

The mobility and accessibility of information provided by a mobile ERP system can assist employees in providing their customers with a higher quality of service. It is also important to note that providing employees with the ability to work on their phones means that they can conduct activities immediately, leading to more accurate information and requests being carried out. Which also increases the quality of the service provided. For example, if your external sales agents are in a meeting with a client, they will be able to activate their customer’s requests through the mobile ERP system immediately. This ensures a higher quality of service while reducing the time in between an order requested and it is actioned. 

Mobile ERP Platforms Can Save Costs 

Providing your employees with a workspace and laptop can cost money, this excludes the other overheads required in your company’s office. A mobile ERP platform saves costs by reducing the number of employees who work within the office. With some mobile ERP platforms costing as little as $10 per user per month, your company can implement the system and save costs in the long run.


A mobile ERP platform provides several advantages that make it beneficial for any company. From a smart start-up for a large multinational organization. So why not implement one now and provide your employees with the tools they need for success.