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Reasons to Make Your Online Learning Content Global And How Translation Can Help


In an era of global education, online learning content is incredible for education around the world. If you can reach out to people from different countries, you should get the most out of this opportunity. Right?

The first thing you should think about is that most of your audience are non-native English speakers. That means that if even some of your customers understand English and speak this language, they are more likely to feel more comfortable using their native language. That’s where transcription services online can help you — to boost the effectiveness of your online learning content and satisfy the needs of people from various ethnic backgrounds. Let us share even more convincing reasons to make this decision!

4 Arguments to Translate your eLearning Content Right Now

Whether you’re about to launch an educational platform with learning content, or you want to grow your business and find new markets, these arguments will work for you. Future is global, and so you should be!

1.    English is not a default language anymore

Obviously, it is still global but you can’t tell that it is dominant. Only a fifth of the world speaks it, and this number includes both native and non-native speakers. It means that if you provide your online courses in English, you won’t even get a chance to cover the 80% of the audience. Don’t tell us that you don’t want your learning content to unleash its full potential. With professional translation and transcription services, you’ll make your global dreams come true. Whether it is China, Spain, Germany, or Brazil, you can find more learners there.

2.    You can avoid critical issues

You should understand that 100% of people are more comfortable reading, listening, and speaking in their native language. When they need to absorb a lot of new and complicated information, they surely can’t retain and process it efficiently if it is provided in other languages. If your workers couldn’t understand your training programs, this might threaten your company’s business results, health standards, and safety. The point is that you should invest in translation and hire a reliable transcription company because you can’t afford not to translate your learning content.

3.    Your students can achieve better results

Even if your team consists of great English speakers, they are more likely to gain new insights when they study in local languages. It goes without saying that children learn better in their mother tongues and the same works for adults. When you hear or read something that sounds familiar, you learn faster. You don’t have to worry about content that you don’t understand. And if you’re asked to share your thoughts, you don’t have to look for the words that you don’t know, you can just convey your ideas immediately. English subtitles can be a good choice when you want to make your eLearning platform more accessible because you help people to comprehend the information. However, when you translate them, you make sure your team gets things right without any issues.

4.    You make it personal

We can’t help but tell you that personalization is a king these days. If you want your customers to be loyal, the only thing you need is to show that you take care of them. When they know that you use human-written subtitles to help them, you can expect better engagement and satisfaction.

Pay attention to the fact that having your content transcribed and translated is not only about switching languages. If you want to take your learning business to the next level, you have to go far beyond. Your team members came from different countries, they have diverse cultural preferences. So, when it comes to personalization, the point is that you tailor your lectures, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, and other types of content to your students’ cultural backgrounds.

Main Pitfalls to Avoid When You’re Translating Your Online Learning Content

Of course, we can’t tell you that this way is easy. You have to find reliable ​​human transcription services, hire the best translators, check your marketing strategy and analyze your customers’ feedback all the time. Without any doubt, you’ll run into various issues because you have to learn from mistakes. However, we know the most common mistakes that you can avoid:

  • Don’t go for low-quality services. It would be a mistake to use free translation tools because they can’t guarantee you the required accuracy and personalization. High-quality audio to text transcription and translation cost more but you can be sure that this investment will pay off.
  • Don’t hire random people. You should work with professional transcriptionists and translators who know how to make your e-learning project work. Ensure that you’re on the same page.
  • Don’t ignore style guide creation. Whatever service you order, you need a style guide in order to ensure your content is consistent. Without clear instructions, translators won’t understand your expectations.
  • Don’t skip localizing your content. We have mentioned that it is important to make your learning materials personalized, and it is necessary to make an emphasis again. Localization is not always about the text, it is essential that your translator considers visual design, numerical values, images, etc. That’s why automated transcripts might be good but the translation should be made by real people.
  • Don’t launch learning content before testing it. Sometimes your ideas are great in your head only. If it is a new project, you need to find people from your target audiences who will be your test users. Their feedback will help you to make the necessary edits.
  • Don’t promote your courses on the wrong platforms. If you want your online learning content to succeed, you need a flawless marketing strategy. Channels that work in your country, don’t necessarily bring the same results in the global market. Before you start a new project and expand your business, ensure that you have a good understanding of this country’s demographic.

As you can see, translation is key but there are also plenty of steps to consider if you want your learning content to bring you the desired results. That’s why it is essential to rely on professional translation experts who will guide you along this way.