The Top-5 Best P90 Skins

If there was a weapon in Counter-Strike that is hated more than automatic sniper rifles, it is the P90 or “rooster” — it is believed that the nickname came from an unusual design because the front of the gun really resembles a rooster comb. But there are other reasons as well. Traditionally, only noobs and beginners run around with a ‘rooster’. It is really very easy to shoot from, and you can do it on the go without tangible losses in accuracy.

Today we will go against the crowd and explain why in some situations the ‘rooster’ can become a wonderful weapon, as well as recommend the top-5 best P90 skins on the market.

Why is the P90 better than other SMGs?

  • Magazine capacity. Fifty rounds in the magazine is an excellent choice for a submachine gun. The whole picture is slightly spoiled by the presence of only three clips, but even this should be enough for the player to kill one or two opponents;
  • Fire speed. The P90 is the best submachine gun in this category along with the MP9. However, if the MP9 has only 30 rounds in its magazine, which are quickly wasted, then the P90 has much more;
  • Range of defeat. The Rooster is one of the longest-range submachine guns along with the MP9 and MAC-10, as it can strike at a distance of 15 meters;
  • The P90 also has 69% armor penetration, significantly better than all other SMGs. This means that it will perform well even in shootouts with armored opponents;
  • Even a beginner can safely use a ‘rooster’ as most of the bullets will reach the target even without control.

Top-5 Skins for P90

Now is time to review the best skins for P90. For this task, we will use stats provided by DMarket — one of the safest and most popular marketplaces for CS:GO items.

  • Grim

Grim is a terrifying green and black skin depicting scary creatures resembling dementors from the well-known Harry Potter saga. The price for this skin starts from $0.07 and reaches $77.77.

  • Traction

This skin resembles sea waves with its patterns while being rather bright and suitable for P90. The price for it starts at $0.06 and reaches $5.26 making it one of the most popular items.

The Top-5 Best P90 Skins

  • Elite Build

This is a classic black skin with design camouflage elements. It helps to remain almost invisible to rivals and feels comfortable in the shade. The minimal price starts at $0.08 and the highest one is $100.

The Top-5 Best P90 Skins

  • Chopper

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this bright fiery skin is a perfect choice. The price for it fluctuates between $0.28-$470.

The Top-5 Best P90 Skins

  • Asiimov

This legendary skin is considered one of the most popular among experienced players. White, black, and orange colors are perfectly combined for a deadly P90. The price for this skin starts at $3.79 and reaches $123.41.

The Top-5 Best P90 Skins

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