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Insights on How Slot Machines Work in Online Casinos


Slot machines are the most popular category of virtual entertainment in online casinos. The developers release dozens of new slots every month with unique features and original plots. Many users are interested in the technical side of the devices and the software operation. Therefore, it is useful to learn how slot machines in virtual casinos work.

How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

The principle of operation of slot machines is the rotation of the reels and the formation of prize combinations from the symbols on the screen. It would seem that it could not be easier, but there are a lot of nuances that must be taken into account when choosing a profitable device at the best casino online. In particular, the virtual slot works like this:

  • The player launches the game on the site;
  • It redirects you to the developer’s server;
  • With the help of a special algorithm, random numbers are generated and, as a result, prize combinations are dropped.

In this case, the casino acts as an intermediary between the provider and the player. To choose the right slot machine, you need to take into account its technical characteristics: volatility and percentage of return.

Payout Rate

Each device has a certain percentage of return. This indicator is called RTP – Return to Player. A 97% RTP means that 97% of the bets made are returned to the player. However, this theory only works at a long distance. It takes several million rotations to see the actual result of RTP. Therefore, in the same video slot, the first user can lose a large amount, and the second user can win a jackpot with one spin. Experienced clients of gambling sites give the following recommendations on choosing a slot:

  • Change the game if there are no prize combinations within 10-15 spins. In this case, it is clear that the client is in the accumulation period;
  • Test the slot at low and medium rates with a gradual increase. From the first rotations. If it gives winnings at low stakes, then you can gradually increase the value of bets;
  • Launch machines with high RTP.

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Dispersion or volatility is an indicator of risk. It can be low, medium, or high. The indicator shows the frequency of winning combinations and their value. The choice of the machine depends on the user’s preferences. In slots with low volatility, combinations appear more often, but their size is small. A high indicator means rare but large wins. In online casinos, you can often filter machines by variance. This helps gamblers find a video slot according to the characteristics they need.

Formation of Winning Combinations

The emergence of winning combinations and the payout amount are determined by the RNG. The algorithm gives out a certain position of the symbols on the reels, depending on the period of the gaming session. If the slot is full, then the combinations fall out often, and the amount of payments is significant. Nothing depends on the player here, because the work of the RNG has no logic. It does not affect the payouts and the duration of the session, since you can hit the jackpot even from the first spin.