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Discover the Best Organic SEO Strategies for 2022


Driving people to your website is probably one of your biggest goals. Increased traffic means increased flow and quite possibly increased revenue, right? Of course, to get that increased traffic you need to find ways to naturally creep up higher in the rankings for SEO purposes.

That is achieved through organic SEO. In order to do so, you need to know the best strategies to help you get there.

Check out these organic SEO strategies for the best results in 2022.

Do Some Research

One of your best strategies is to spend time researching organic SEO methods and what works for others. We’re guessing that you know who your competitors are. Take a look at what they are doing. Take a look at things that are popular in terms of SEO and put them to use.

If you’re trying to rank for a specific keyword or specific search, try that search yourself. Do the search and see who ranks the highest. We’re not talking about the sponsored rankings but the true rankings based on ranking data.

Dig around on these sites and just take note of the little things that they are doing. Your site needs to be unique and not just like theirs. But you can take note of how they use their keywords, how they place links and content, and even just the overall usability of the site.

If you use a platform to help you drive your organic SEO, you might be able to research your competitors or have your marketing company do some research. This just depends on the tools available to you.

Even if you don’t have these systems, we’re confident you can learn quite a bit from your own simple research.

Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords and how you use them are a major part of organic SEO strategy. You need to use valid keywords but you also need to use them just the right amount and in the right places. You should have a list of go-to keywords that are relative to your business.

For example, a cleaning company might use a keyword like carpet cleaning or carpet cleaning in Georgia (or any city or state). They most likely will have a keyword that falls into every type of service that they offer.

Each of these keywords should be reflected on their website. They should also be reflected in ongoing content.

Obviously, they won’t use carpet cleaning in a blog post about tile cleaning but you get the general idea. These keywords should be rotated and they should be used in fresh content creation as well.


In the world of SEO, backlinks are a major organic ranking factor. In fact, on Google, this is one of the top factors that might affect your SEO ranking.

If you’re not familiar with backlinks, ultimately it’s getting outside sources to link to you. There are different ways to do this. Some sites even allow you to submit your own content to them and they place your content. That content has links driving back to your website.

The number of backlinks out there linking to you can be incredibly important for organic SEO. But you also want to make sure that those backlinks are connected to reliable content that isn’t just there to get the click. It needs to be quality and it needs to be something that can actually be found.

Make it valuable and get it placed in a way that it’s actually going to count.

Backlink articles are not always just articles that link back from something like a guest post. There are other ways to get your link shared. Whether someone creates an infographic or perhaps you even get listed as a resource or reference for something, it can help.

Answer Questions

Have you ever Googled a specific subject or question and then in your search results found that list of other questions that are related to your search? This little box of questions is called “people also ask”. It’s like a common questions thing and usually, it’s on topic with your own question.

With Google, if you answer those questions somehow in your article, it actually might help your SEO ranking. The thing is that those questions are relatable to your keyword in some way. Or at least they should be.

An article or post that answers those questions provides valuable content in the eyes of Google. Therefore, if you’re the one with that valuable content, you can easily rank on the page when a question is asked. And you might actually show up twice – once for your keyword and once for a “people also ask” answer.

Content, Content, Content

In the end, the best strategy that you can create for organic SEO in 2022 is to provide valuable content. Don’t just toss up content that is loaded with keywords but not really valuable. Every single piece of content that you share needs to provide value for anyone who might see it.

Create content with a purpose. Of course, you do need to incorporate keywords and strategize with placement and some of the more technical details.

From the keyword to the content itself, it needs to be reputable. It needs to be reliable. It needs to not waste someone’s time. Make the point to provide consistent, valuable content without leading into wordiness or keyword stuffing.

If your content isn’t quite reaching people like you thought it would, it might be time to evaluate it to determine whether it’s really valuable to the audience.

Organic SEO Strategizing

The nice thing about SEO is that if you learn the basic trips of the trade, you can incorporate parts and pieces easily. It’s not designed to trick you. It’s simply designed to try to give readers making the search the best content for their search.

If you mindfully create content and design your website with that approach, you are far more likely to have success. Of course, don’t forget to optimize SEO while you’re at it.