How To Buy YouTube Subscriptions: 5 Best Websites

Modern social networks and Internet platforms offer endless opportunities for users to search for information, communicate and make money. YouTube is a unique Internet platform, where each user can freely express their thoughts and ideas, to develop their own business, projects and activities.

Many successful people and businesses on the market owe their success to YouTube. The platform operates as simply and clearly as possible – users upload new videos to their channel, which gain dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of views. Thus, channel owners increase the number of visitors to their own sites and increase the number of orders, and hence – the volume of profits. At the same time, every other channel owner thinks about how to increase subscribers on YouTube and make their business even more successful, and the channel popular.

Everyone has heard that you can get more subscribers on YouTube, but why buy them, how to do it correctly, and where to buy the best subscribers on YouTube channel not everyone knows. Let’s explore these issues in more detail.

Why we need YouTube subscribers

YouTube is becoming more and more popular every year. For a long time no self-respecting company can do without its YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Subscribers are an indicator that you are interesting to users. Thus, when ranking the channel for certain requests YouTube gives preference to channels with more subscribers and activity. But a large number of subscribers is a good indicator not only for search robots, it’s also a signal to people.

If a person sees that you have a lot of subscribers, he subconsciously considers your channel interesting and the chances that he or she will also subscribe to you are much higher.

Of course, to have a lot of subscribers  you need to publish interesting and useful videos. In this case, users will subscribe themselves. But now there is so much competition and it’s hard for a young author to confront competitors. There is only one way out of this situation – to start with you need to buy YouTube subscriptions.

Can I buy subscribers on YouTube? 

Now a lot of sites on the Internet offer to get YouTube subscribers. Which site to choose is up to you. But let’s give some of the most popular sites that have proven themselves over time.


A good service where you can buy subscribers to YouTube. 1,000 subscribers are for only $50. The pluses of this service is the slow growth of subscribers, which mimics the natural growth due to the drip-feed feature. It has 24/7 support and a refund option in case of problems.

The resource is positioning itself as a platform for “white” promotion, that is, all the operations that you order will be made by real people, not robots.


A similar service. It is also possible to buy subscribers to get more YouTube subscribers for channels at reasonable prices. There are several packages, the cost of subscribers varies depending on their quality. In addition, here you can earn points by completing tasks on YouTube (like, comment, view or subscribe). It allows you to earn money and spend it to buy YouTube subscriptions.

The service has its own blog from where users can learn about upcoming promotions and events.


Another great service for buying subscribers to YouTube. Quality is also on average not bad. The interface is simple and straightforward, all you have to do is register and choose a relevant service and price on the main page, and then provide a link to your channel.

Features of the platform: fast delivery, 100% order fulfillment guarantee, otherwise you will get your money back, live subscribers.


Service for YouTube promotion without intermediaries and overpayments – fast, inexpensive and safe.The platform has been functioning for 2,5 years. Offers all the necessary promotion tools for game channels, video bloggers. The base of attraction only has live people who can become part of the target audience.There is a referral program that allows you to receive an additional 10% affiliate royalties.


A good choice for promoting both your channel and the site, as well as a page on a social network. All the boosting processes are automated and performed at a safe speed, convenient settings to buy subscribers on YouTube.

With its help, you can gain a variety of metrics from views to views, comments, and subscribers. The service also offers fast earnings on referrals and bonuses for invitations.

Advice for getting YouTube subscribers via buying

  • Use only verified services, otherwise you can lose money to scammers.
  • Variety: if you buy then use different metrics – likes, dislikes, views, comments and subscribers, it will look more natural.
  • Limits subscribers and likes: do not immediately take thousands of subscribers or likes, so you can immediately get banned, do it slowly, start with a small one.

Is it worth it to gain YouTube subscribers?

Buying is a great way to get your first subscribers on YouTube. For example, if you’ve recently created a channel on YT, this method will help you get your first audience.

But do not “overdo it” – attract hundreds of thousands of bots at the same time that will hang “dead weight” on your channel. This can cause suspicion on the video hosting and the channel will be sanctioned with a ban or a shadow ban.

Use buying subscribers as an additional method of promoting your YouTube channel. Also, use the services of trusted services – some of the reliable tools we collected in this article.

If you want to know how to increase YouTube subscribers then use special online services. They are convenient, safe and inexpensive. You can use online services from any device.

The variety of services for promoting your YouTube channel allows you to choose the right promotion method for everyone. Some have more time, some find it easier to gain subscribers and views for money. No matter what category you belong to, try to choose reliable services where your personal data will be protected. Boosting all the channel’s statistical indicators gradually, so as not to provoke unnecessary doubts.


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