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How to Update and Fix Driver Issues with Driver Booster?


Driver Booster 9 is a great software program for automatically updating your drivers. It detects outdated and broken device drives on your computer, searches for newer versions on their official websites, then downloads and installs them to your PC, which will eventually improve the performance of your hardware devices. It’s surprising how many PC problems are caused by old drivers. If you can’t play video games easily due to computer performance issues, you should consider updating your drivers to the latest version before upgrading your hardware.

Driver Booster 9 Features

Driver Booster 9 has many useful features.Here below we’ll share details and teach you how to update drivers safe and secure.

A database is an essential component of every program. And IObit Driver Booster has a huge driver database. The device has over 6,000,000 device drivers in its free version and over 8,000,000 in its Pro edition.

How to Update and Fix Driver Issues with Driver Booster?

It’s more than a simple driver update software. It can also be used to scan and fix driver-related sound, network, and display issues. Anyone who has used the default Windows Troubleshooter knows what a pain it can be.

Game Boost is nothing more than an option to stop unnecessary processes and services. It releases RAM which is useful when you are playing a game. It’s not that you only use Game Boost when you have to play the game. You can utilize it when you require further RAM for a mission. For example, if you are editing videos,and watching videos in 4K, such tasks require more RAM, so when Game Boost releases RAM, it helps to streamline these processes. You can find out which process and services have been stopped by clicking on Details.

How to Update and Fix Driver Issues with Driver Booster?

Backup and Restore is a useful feature of Driver Booster. The driver must be compatible with the device; otherwise, it may stop working or behave abnormally. If there is something wrong after updating some drivers, there is a solution to restore. In other words, if the driver does not fit your device and starts causing problems, you can simply handle it.

How to install Driver Booster?

Setting up this driver updating tool on your PC is easy. You can review EULA and Privacy Policy, select a different installation folder, create a desktop icon, and pin the icon in the taskbar.The driver scan can be started as soon as the setup is complete.

How to use Driver Booster?

There are only 3 steps when using Driver Booster:

  • Click the big scan button to let the program check your system for older drivers.
  • Once all the old device drivers appear, click Update Now.
  • Restarting your computer may be necessary to apply the new changes.

Additional steps may be required, such as temporarily disabling your antivirus and other security software. In addition, you may be offline when trying to update network drivers.


A problem caused by an old driver can be very annoying. This can be a big problem. Older drivers can slow down your computer. You should keep your computer’s drivers up to date at all times. Driver Booster 9 is the best choice for this purpose. The backup and restore and game boost feature are the plus point of this free driver updater.