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E-Scooters – the Ride of the Millennials



First introduced as a mean of borrowed transport, electric scooters soon gained enough popularity among people that manufacturers began selling them as private vehicles. The popularity of electric scooters has even surpassed that of electric cars.

While people of all ages can be seen utilizing this convenient transport, electric scooters are especially popular among millennials, as they perfectly fit their preferred lifestyle. Let’s take a detailed look at what makes e-scooters the ride of the millennials:

E-Scooters are an Easy Alternative to Public Transport

Millennials make up a large percentage of workers. This means that they need to commute to work. However, commuting through public transport comes with its share of challenges.

For example, commuting during peak hours can mean rushing early to get a spot since there is also always a risk of missing one’s commute by only a few seconds. Public transport maintenance can also cause delays. The crowd at train stations and bus stations can be difficult to navigate. Moreover, after a global health pandemic, many people have feared being in crowds.

Electric scooters present solutions to all the above situations. As they are designed for solo riding, they ensure a safe distance from others on the road. They also eliminate the fear of missing the bus or train and getting late. They can also save money on public commute without the added cost of fuel. The foldable design of electric scooters also allows them to be paired with and carried on public commutes.

E-Scooters are Economical Compared to Cars

Another attractive trait of electric scooters is how economical they are. Compared to the other form of a private vehicles, i.e., cars, electric scooters cost less to buy, maintain, and use. An e-scooter only costs a fraction of the cost of a car.

Besides not requiring fuel, e-scooters don’t require much electricity either. In fact, they add under $20 to the monthly power bill even when charged every day. This makes them even cheaper than using public transport in the long run.

Besides saving money on fuel, e-scooters are also much cheaper to maintain. Most e-scooters can be easily maintained at home without going to a repair shop. Most e-scooters come with manuals for maintenance. However, one can also find numerous online tutorials for the purpose.

E-Scooters Fit the Solo Lifestyle

Millennials are either getting married late or not getting married at all. Either way, it is evident that millennials prefer being on their own and enjoying the single lifestyle, and electric scooters fit perfectly in that single lifestyle.

E-scooters provide a low-cost and low-maintenance ride to the urban millennials to enjoy their city. Groups of friends can be seen in many urban centres, with each friend independently riding their e-scooter.

E-scooters allow millennials the freedom they enjoy to move about and have adventures without an added cost. It also saves them the time getting stuck in traffic in a car or waiting for the public commute.

E-Scooters Are Eco-Friendly

Millennials are concerned about the environment. Hence, they are more likely to make purchases that show their concern. From quitting plastic straws to shopping at farmers’ markets, they try to make as many eco-conscious choices in their daily life as they can.

Once again, electric scooters fit their lifestyle choices. E-scooters take much less time and materials to manufacture, reducing their carbon footprint. They don’t consume gasoline or diesel, so they don’t require natural resources to keep running.

However, what makes e-scooters even more eco-friendly is their design to emit zero emissions. Electric scooters don’t add to the air pollution or even noise pollution, both traits responsible for their popularity among the younger generations.

E-Scooters are Fun to Ride

As of 2022, the oldest millennials are forty-one years old, and the youngest is twenty-six years old. The age of millennials is another contributor to the increased popularity of electric scooters among them.

Manual kids’ scooters were an important part of childhood for most millennials in the 90s. The similar design of e-scooters makes them nostalgic for millennials and, hence, contributes to its popularity among millennials.

In fact, electric scooters are even easier and more fun to ride as they don’t require one to push them, maintain a constant speed, and come with different speed options. E-scooter manufacturers are also constantly improving the designs for electric scooters for adults to increase their battery lives.

Since using e-scooters requires no strength, it doesn’t make one sweat. Riders can even carry an umbrella when riding an electric scooter to keep themselves safe from sun or rain.

Final verdict

Last but not least, e-scooters are popular because they are the perfect rides for short-distance travel. Most electric scooters cover a distance of up to 33 kilometres. However, newer designs can travel up to 80 kilometres when fully charged.