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How to Build a Fintech App: a Guide to Fintech App Design


Mobile app Is a kind of software that is created to work in a specific mobile platform, regardless of the browser. The most popular platforms today are IOS, Android, Windows Phone. Also, applications are cross-platform, that is, designed to work on different sites. This is not to say that the browser is completely excluded from the application. It is sometimes used, for example, to display page content, but its role is clearly secondary. Sometimes the following types of mobile applications are distinguished. Hybrid – those that for the most part. It still save the main content on the server. But at the same time gain access to the operating system API.

How to Build a Fintech App: a Guide to Fintech App Design

It turns out that, on the one hand, you can use push notifications and place a software product in the Store. But, on the other hand, the dependence on the main site remains. This approach is beneficial for those who want to test a mobile application as a potential web resource. Native – those that are directly developed on mobile platforms and can use all their capabilities. The process of creating such a product is more laborious and expensive. But the result is also better, it assumes a high speed of work, well-thought-out functionality of fintech application development.

High speed is good It turns out that the development of a full-fledged mobile application is justified for those business participants who have a really large audience of mobile users. And the business itself is already promoted to such an extent that significant financial investments will pay off in the end. Mobile app development is unlikely to bring recognition to a brand that is little known to users. But the application can really expand the reach and increase the awareness of an already well-known company.

Features of development

What business really needs mobile apps to develop? As practice shows, it is perfect for representatives of the service market: beauty and hairdressing salons, fitness clubs, restaurants and other catering representatives, entertainment from movies to quests, taxis, etc. Large online stores also benefit from such web development. The functionality allows you not only to learn about a service or product. But also to order it from a mobile phone, sign up, buy, book. The question is often asked. What is the price of developing a mobile application? You need to understand that this pleasure is not cheap. Of course, you can hire a freelancer or even use a free website builder. But then you are unlikely to get an impressive result. Web studios that provide such services will not offer you a low price. Because the more complex and functional the application, the more expensive it will cost the owner.

How to choose a reliable mobile app development company? Take our articles to help: “How to choose an Internet marketing agency and not regret it”, “Why small web studios develop better than large ones.” They contain some general criteria that will help you make the right choice. Be sure to pay attention to the development experience, to the company’s portfolio.

Choose a reliable company! In collaboration with the developer, think over the functionality that your application needs. There is no need to put dozens of additional functions into it that will not be used by the audience. It is imperative to start by studying the needs and opinions of the public! If at the start of the project there is nowhere to take this data, launch the application with basic functionality, and then, in the process of work, collect and analyze information, plan implementation. Choosing the right platform will also protect the customer from unnecessary spending.

Analyze your target audience

If you initially focus only on users of Apple products, then the application should be ordered on iOS. If such an obvious segmentation cannot be carried out, you should prefer a cross-platform solution that is universal for all sites. Although the development of an application for a specific platform. For example, for the most popular Android, will increase its capabilities. It takes into account the “local” functionality and specifics. If you decide to develop a mobile application, you need to understand that its promotion will take place in other ways that are not typical for website promotion.

How to Build a Fintech App: a Guide to Fintech App Design

To sum up

It’s important to choose the right marketing strategy because SEO will take a back seat. What does a web application do for a business? The reputation of the company receives additional bonuses if the application is convenient to use. The audience coverage is growing due to this. As well as when additional features are connected: notifications about discounts, sales, special offers, bonuses when ordering online.