Is the GPU Shortage Getting Any Better?

Most people in the world enjoy playing video games, and most will likely do this without being aware of the kind of technology that allows this to happen. However, those who are in the know will be aware that GPUs, among others, are one of the most important components in any gaming system. Of course, they also have other applications such as cryptocurrency mining. Given these two uses for GPUs, it should be clear why they are desired by many gamers and hardware enthusiasts alike, but in recent years, it has been extremely difficult to get one.

There is no doubt that there is a shortage of graphics cards right now, something that began back in 2020. This was a time when the newest generations of GPUs were released, and no one could predict that those who got theirs on launch day were part of the lucky few. As it stands now, it isn’t as easy as this to buy a new GPU as companies like Nvidia and AMD are struggling to keep up with consumer demand due to a lack of supply.

Many people enjoy building their own computers as it is a satisfying, rewarding experience. They can also use them to do a range of things, such as gaming, streaming or even gambling at sites like wishcasinos.com, where users can find their favourite casino games. However, it has become increasingly hard for DIY computer builds as it is hard to procure a graphics card from virtually anywhere – for retail price that is. As if the global shortage wasn’t enough, unscrupulous individuals have turned to use bots to quickly buy any new GPUs as soon as they appear on retailer websites. As they are bought for retail price, these ‘scalpers’ then resell the GPU at a massively inflated value.

This landscape has been the main story since 2020, but gamers might have something to look forward to this year regarding the GPU shortage. It is clear to see that prices haven’t exactly gone down as many GPUs are still well beyond their retail price. There was some hope last year when prices dropped significantly, but they went back up again by the end of the year. However, recent statements by Nvidia may suggest that there will be more supply this year, so much so that they have estimated the GPU shortage will cap off around the middle of 2022. If this turns out to be true, people can expect to see GPU prices drop significantly.

There is no doubt that a leading cause for the GPU shortage was the pandemic, which was completely unprecedented. As well as stopping production for the semiconductors used in GPUs, the pandemic also meant that many people had to stay inside as a result of government lockdowns. This would’ve driven a need for entertainment accessible from home, in other words, people wanted to play games. However, this demand and limited supply led to the situation that we now find ourselves in.

Despite this though, 2022 looks set to be a good year for those who have been waiting patiently for a GPU, and while the future is not certain, the situation will likely improve this year.

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