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How to Write My Essay without Plagiarism?


Essay writing is no piece of cake. It requires excellent skills. One has to learn the craft well to deliver exceptional essays on time. When the deadline is near, students tend to get panicky and sometimes submit essays that are plagiarized. Here are some tips to help you write an essay without plagiarism.

Adhere to the Guidelines

Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work as your own. To write original content and one that is free of plagiarism requires extra effort as you have to ensure nothing is copied from the net. In order to compose original articles, it is important to first read the guidelines your professor has set out for you and then write accordingly. Even if you write an excellent essay but don’t follow the guidelines your professor has given you, you might lose grades.

Your professor would get the hint that you have plagiarized and copied as-is from the internet if the article does not stick to the rules your professor has given you. Plagiarism articles will leave a wrong impression on your professor. One golden rule that helps you to stay away from plagiarism is to stick to the topic along with the particular rules and guidelines the professor has given so that your essay is a unique one.

When writing customized articles like the one your professor has given you, the chances to copy content from the internet increase. If you stick to the rules given by your professor, the end result would be a unique article.

Mention the Sources

If you wonder how to write my essay no plagiarism, you should use appropriate citations and references. Make sure to mention the sources so that nothing is plagiarized. If you don’t cite sources and give credit to the authors where it is due, you won’t realize, but the essay would seem plagiarized. It is therefore important to write an essay without plagiarizing by using an appropriate citation style.

Either use APA or Chicago style of writing or whatever style your professor has asked you to use. When using the MLA style, you need to mention the author’s name in the parenthesis at the end of the paragraph. In APA style, make sure to write the name of the author and the date of publication as well in the parenthesis.

The plagiarized definition means passing off someone else’s work as your own. If you don’t write down the name of the author at the end of any quote you have copied, it will be considered as plagiarized work.

It is true that nothing is absolutely original. Most ideas are inspired by something, but to avoid plagiarism essay, you must be careful in copying everything from the net. There are a few tips that will help you avoid plagiarism:

  • Copy a few paragraphs that are relevant to the topic
  • Add synonyms where necessary
  • Change the structure of the essay and make changes to the sequence in the essay.
  • Elaborate on words and make your essay complete without plagiarizing anything
  • You can search for how to reword my essay and get important tips to change the paragraphs you copy from the internet.
  • Whatever citations you use in the essay can later be used in the bibliography at the end of the paper.

Download Plagiarism Software

How to Write My Essay without Plagiarism?

Avoiding plagiarism can also be done through software. Enter the content and essay you have written. The software will detect any plagiarized content or paragraph so that you make changes to the content before handing it over to your professor. Sometimes, the sequence or combination of words makes it look like you have written a plagiarized essay. The result would be you losing marks and gaining bad grades.

To avoid essay plagiarism, the content needs to pass Copyscape and plagiarism software. It is quite certain that most academic articles and research papers are unoriginal. It is not because students copy ideas from different sources, but it is expected in academic writing. One has to write academic research papers based on substantial facts.

Even after using different checkers and software available online, your essay might have traces of plagiarism that can go undetected. It is important you re-read the paper multiple times to make sure that nothing seems to copy content.

When using quotes, make sure to use inverted commas. When each quote is enclosed within inverted commas, it shows that it is a citation. Use inverted commas after the quote so that the proper credit is given to the author.

Another way to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase the content in the paragraphs instead of writing them verbatim. If you don’t paraphrase and use only quotes, it can affect the overall quality of your research writing. While using content from multiple sources is considered a must in research writing, you should paraphrase the content and then mention the author’s name to give credit. This way, it would make more sense in the essay, and you would be able to present a better analysis.

Take the Help of Your Professor

To write a paper without plagiarizing, you can also seek guidance from your professor. He will better guide you to write professionally. Since the professor has given you the assignment, he will be the best person to ask around. You can therefore take your professor’s help in creating a compelling research paper with zero plagiarized content.

Make a Catalog of the Resources You Have Used

When writing an essay without plagiarizing anything, you must check and balance the number of resources you have used. To write without plagiarism is an art that you can learn only if you keep a record of all the sources and materials you have used.

When you have a database of the sources you have used, it would be easier to mention the content from where you have taken it. Taking material from different books and reference materials can get you confused, and you might end up plagiarizing content without intending to. One plagiarized article or essay can paint a lousy picture of yourself in front of the professor.

So follow these tips and produce 100% unique essays and earn top grades in your exams. All you have to do is to make sure to run your content through plagiarism software to detect any kind of plagiarism in your essay and submit a unique essay on which your professor would surely give you top grades!