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DNA Testing And Its Multiple Benefits


The human mind is always fascinated by the world around us. We want to know our past and predict our future with the greatest accuracy possible. Due to this fascination with the past, present, and future, many scientific discoveries have been made that have answered many of the questions asked by the human race. One such question, where did we come from? Often intrigues many minds. Now with an ancestry DNA test, this question is being answered by many people with great precision.

Here is what you need to know about DNA testing and how it is benefitting us.

What Is DNA Testing?

As you must know, DNA is a unique structure containing all the genetic codes of every living being. The sequences of the codes on DNA are similar as well as unique for each human being. The uniqueness of these codes creates differences in every human being. All of our habits, physical attributes, medical conditions, etc are determined by these sequences on the DNA.

DNA testing or genetic testing can help scientists identify changes in these sequences and analyze the differences created by these changes.

Genetic testing can also help scientists create a link between two human beings, for example, the father-son relationship. Some of the most useful outcomes of DNA testing are,

  • Paternity tests
  • Ancestry
  • Medical history
  • In forensics, etc.

Benefits Of DNA Testing

DNA testing is not a mere fascination. It is not something that is done for fun purposes only. DNA testing has many practical benefits that can be life-saving as well. Here are some of the benefits of DNA testing.

1.     Predicts Diseases

If you give a sample of your DNA for testing, you can find out any potential diseases that you might suffer later in life. Mutated DNA expresses itself in different stages of life. For example, if you are not diabetic, but you are carrying the gene, it can be identified through testing.

Through DNA testing, you can be proactive and make necessary changes in your lifestyle to avoid any disease, delay its onset or at least be mentally prepared to fight back when need be.

2.     Helps Identify Criminals

DNA testing in forensics is one of the most important tools to figure out the culprit. Samples of foreign DNA from the victim’s body can be analyzed and matched with the database to find out the criminal.

DNA testing is extensively used in murder cases and rape cases. If the police get their hands on foreign DNA, then there is no way that the criminal can not be identified.

3.     Paternity Test

Paternity tests are important to find out the father of the children. These tests become extremely important when legalities are involved. For instance, if a father wants to gain legal rights for child support, child custody, inheritance and even social security benefits.

Paternity tests have made life easier for many people.

4.     Screening Tests Are Helpful

When you give a sample of your DNA for screening, you can take proactive steps to avoid many undesired circumstances.  For example, genetic screening of newborns can help parents identify any possible genetic disease in their kids, thus helping them take necessary action before it’s too late.

Adults can also benefit from screening tests as they can avoid going through unnecessary procedures if the disease has not been identified in the DNA test.

Bottom Line

DNA testing can help people analyze themselves at a genetic level. You can find out about your health, ancestors, and other health risks that you might be exposed to later in life. Thus, giving you enough time to strategize your move.