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How to Create Drip Campaigns on LinkedIn


A drip campaign involves sending emails to potential and existing customers to reach a business goal. LinkedIn marketers use strategic emails to encourage potential clients to sign up for their service. Every online marketer or professional tries to create and use drip campaigns, but they need to follow some golden rules to make the most of their strategy.

Drip marketing is the use of sending marketing emails automatically on a predefined schedule. It encompasses several stages of a campaign and helps push customers to your sales funnel. Here are the steps to create a drip campaign on LinkedIn.

  • Identify your audience

The first step in creating a drip campaign is to collect the email addresses and identify your audience. After that, the goal is to generate many qualified leads before you let your drip campaign do the rest of the work.

  • Create relevant messages

The primary goal of drip campaigns is to identify something common and solve a problem for your clients. You should highlight the key benefits for which a prospect should give you their email address. So, it is essential to create relevant messages which can connect with potential clients and promise to solve a problem.

  • Have a Plan

People who use email addresses are usually busy, and you are competing with other businesses sending emails through drip campaigns. So you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. First, identify your client’s requirements that you can fulfil and make sure that the copy you send in the email speaks directly to your readers.

  • Track the response

Building an effective email drip campaign means being prepared to change the plan as needed. Once the emails are sent, it’s important to track engagement, open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately sales. If something doesn’t work, you can always adjust the drip flow, change the creative, or adjust the execution as needed.

What Software to Use for Drip Campaign Creation on LinkedIn?

Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool that enables you to automate multiple tasks on LinkedIn. The tool is used by professionals and online marketers to put repetitive and time-consuming tasks on autopilot. Here are some pros and cons of using the Dripify tool:


Pros Cons
●     Simple and accessible interface

●     No technical skills required

The Mobile app isn’t available

However, Dripify allows you to create drip campaigns on LinkedIn. You can create powerful drip campaigns on LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Benefits of Drip Campaign on LinkedIn

When it comes to the benefits of drip campaigns, there are plenty of benefits. But you can reap the benefits only when you run the campaigns accurately and send relevant emails to your potential customers. Here are the top benefits of running drip campaigns on LinkedIn.

  • More engagement

User action-based emails have a better chance of being answered than email campaigns. Companies that use drip marketing or email marketing automation can target their prospects much better and more efficiently.

  • Automated funnel movement

Not only are they effective (you’ve seen the problems before), but they also drive conversion leads without manual intervention. The only thing to remember is that your drip marketing streams are only as good as the thinking behind them, as with any technology.

So sit back and draw the entire journey your prospect is supposed to take. Only after it has been sketched out, considering the individual options, can you configure it correctly in the system.

  • Save time and effort

The automated funnel movement eliminates manual intervention, and your team has more time for other things, e.g., Showing other funnels to help you close more deals, plan other marketing campaigns, and speak to prospects. But, again, remember to make an initial effort to define drip marketing campaigns properly.

  • No irritating prospects

Because you are sending people exactly what they want at all times, they will be more receptive to what you are sending. In addition, if you know your audience and their requirements, you send relevant emails about the products or services they want, leading to more buying and less irritated customers.


  • Increase brand recall

Even if the prospect isn’t buying from you, a series of highly relevant emails will keep them remembering you when they need to buy what you sell.

Of course, you can combine drip email campaigns with targeted remarketing campaigns across multiple channels to attract the right customers to your business.

What to Consider While Choosing Among Drip Email Software?

When you plan to buy drip email software, there are plenty of options available. However, you should know what to consider while choosing one. Here are some things you can consider while looking for drip email software.

  1. Accessibility

The quality/price ratio is still the most important factor when choosing the tool for drip email campaigns. Some companies offer tons of features at a high price. Some offer a limited number of email tools for small teams. Still, others manage to balance the price-function ratio and offer flexible individual plans.

  1. Email Personalization and Lead Segmentation

This feature often helps you build friendlier ‘and trustworthy’ relationships with your list of prospects. It’s a secret key to increasing the open, click, and response rates of your email campaigns.

  1. Analytics

Comprehensive statistics help you monitor what’s working in your campaigns and what can be improved. Monitor your open rates, CTR, and other indicators to test A/B and leverage your email campaigns.

  1. Integrations

This feature allows you to connect your drip email service to other online business tools, improve your email strategy and reduce manual work to a minimum. The more integrations, the more freedom you have.

  1. Additional functions and tools

If your SaaS provider only offers a strictly defined number of features, think twice before purchasing the plan. Excellent service offers additional tools, features, solutions, flexible and personalized pricing plans, dedicated customer support, and an overall sense of comfort and growth.

  1. Reviews

If you’re still unsure which drip tool to choose, read reviews from other companies about the email tools of your choice. It can be presented in different formats: testimonials, in-depth articles, video interviews, etc. Read/see and choose the tool that best fits your business needs.


Drip campaigns can boost your marketing and get the results you want. However, it is important to know your audience, create relevant emails, a professional copy, and offer the right product or service considering the consumer’s needs.

Drip email campaigns, when run accurately, can boost the performance of your business and help you get loyal customers for your business.