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Where can I sell my gopro for cash?


GoPro`s cameras are especially popular today. More and more video bloggers record their content on such action cameras. Owners are completely satisfied with this model, but there are reasons that force them to sell their GoPro.

Where to sell a gopro or an other action camera? It’s not easy in a world where every smartphone has a camera, and more than one! The smartphone has replaced our computer, camera, diary, wallet, etc. Maybe that’s why you decided to sell your camera, because you haven’t used it in a long time. And if you are selling a professional camera, the circle of your potential buyers will be much narrower. Selling a camera is not a difficult thing. You put an ad. You wait. Answer the phone. Make an appointment. Many action cameras have no screen on which you can view the video. Therefore, to check whether the camera works, you need a computer or laptop. Let’s say at once the cameras and action-cameras sold on the secondary market are not fast, the demand is low. Therefore, selling through ads can be long or do not sell.

 Rules for buying a camera

  • Evaluate the appearance of the lens body. It does not affect the quality of photos, but if the body is scratched or has worn inscriptions, it is a sign that the lens has seen a lot in its lifetime.
  • Check the surface of the lens. They should be perfectly smooth and clear (so that there is no hint of clouding). A single scratch is not as bad as they often say – they actually have almost no effect on the quality of the picture. What can’t be said about the fine meshes of micro cracks that can easily be put on the lens if not cleaned properly – you’d better not take such a lens!
  • Checking for dust inside the lens. Dust particles don’t have much of an impact on quality either, but they spoil the overall marketable look.
  • The mechanics of zoom and autofocus should work smoothly without jerks and strange sounds. If you have any suspicions that it has not long to live – it is better to postpone the purchase, otherwise you risk dealing with the service center. And since the second-hand lens warranty is almost certainly over, you will have to have it repaired at your own cost. The cost of repair may be more expensive than the lens itself!There should be no obvious backlash when the lens trunk is extended. The same is true for the zoom and focus rings.
  • Stretched rubber zoom and focus rings indicate intensive use. The rings are stretched because they absorb grease from your fingers. This defect can be eliminated by soaking the rings for an hour in acetone and then drying them, but it is another reason to think about the advisability of purchase.
  • Check the operation of the stabilizer. The thread for the light filter must be intact and the filter must screw on without jamming. If the threads are damaged, the lens has fallen.
  • Check the lens for front/back focus.

 Why do people sell techniques?

  1. Let’s look at the topic from another angle. Why do people sell equipment? There may be several reasons.
  2. The capacity of the camera or lens is not enough, and the person wants to buy something more serious.
  3. There are categories of consumers who are looking for state-of-the-art devices, even though they don’t really need the new features. They change technology like gloves.
  4. A camera was bought (given as a gift), but there was no use for it – a person took a couple of pictures, understood that it’s not interesting and gave it up.
  5. The camera has been in the service center with some kind of problem. The owner wants to get rid of it for fear the problem might recur.
  6. The camera or lens has some hidden defect and the owner doesn’t want to bother with repairs, but just sells it.
  7. The camera has been used a lot and is close to depletion, so the owner decides to get rid of it.

The role of technology in the modern world cannot be overestimated. Technology leads in all spheres of life: meta-universes are being created, medicine, urban planning, and many other areas of life are developing. Therefore, it is important to follow the trend and not miss opportunities, even when you need to sell your action camera.