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A medallion is the best gift for a romantic soul


Valentine’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays, capable of melting the soul of even not particularly romantic individuals. On this day, it is especially common to hear the words of love, as well as to give romantic gifts. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a valentine in the form of a heart, your favourite sweets or exquisite jewellery. The main thing is that the gift should help you express your feelings and be a symbol of your love and loyalty.

Very popular Valentine’s Day gifts are pendants, necklaces, made in a symbolic heart shape. For those who like to create romantic images, a locket would be the perfect gift. The FJewellery online shop offers a large selection of heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Lockets made of precious metals and inlaid with stones. This item adds a touch of romance and a certain mystery to the image.

A medallion is a piece of jewellery that keeps a secret

The history of the medallion goes back to ancient Rome. Like many other pieces of jewellery, medallions were originally intended for men. They were given as a reward to victorious warlords. The decoration was a round gold disc, often decorated with engraving.

Later, in the middle Ages, medallions were miniature boxes. The nobles often hid poisoned needles in them. Then they began to transport medicines, perfumes, etc. During the Romantic era, portraits of a loved one or a strand of their hair began to be hidden in lockets, trying to feel their closeness during a long separation.

The fashion for medallions returned during the Renaissance (they were worn by both men and women). But they were most common in the Victorian era. Many women then wore medallions with photos of loved ones who had been taken away by war.

Today, medallions are the best gift for romantic souls looking to add a touch of mystery to their looks. For them, modern jewellers offer a huge assortment of jewellery in gold and silver. They can be made in the form of a circle or an oval, but heart medallions are still the most popular. The main feature of the medallion, which distinguishes it from the pendant, is its execution in the form of a miniature box in which you can keep a little secret.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from:

  • Inexpensive silver medallion in smaller or larger sizes. It can be smooth-faced or delicately engraved, without precious stones or encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals.
  • Elegant medallions in yellow, white or rose gold with engraved swirls, floral motifs and more.
  • Gold medallions inlaid with diamonds.
  • Jewellery that uses combinations of different colours of gold, etc. in the design.

The price of these items can fluctuate in a fairly wide range, which allows you to buy the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You can choose a medallion in the FJewellery catalog.

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