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Trends for the IT Service Desk in 2022


These days’ workplaces have the most complex IT infrastructure ever implemented in history. In creating a hybrid environment many powerful and potential technologies work together to make us connected and productive. Technology brings so many amenities but many technical glitches too. To resolve these technical sort of issues every organization makes it possible to have a help desk and skilled resources. IT service desk helps people resolve their issues; no matter if you are an employee or a business user. The service desk has multilayer divisions to cater to every level of queries from simple to complex. Every organization has set a booth along with dedicated people from where any help can be sought.

Before the pandemic hit, most of the people just once in a day looked at their email box. Now, remote networking opportunities have made them rely on remote communications. Now, people abruptly call the service desk when they face any trouble logging into their emails, software, and business solutions. This article will make you go through all the prospective trends forthcoming in the IT service desk in 2022.


As the pandemic hit businesses hard, financial pressure has made businesses perform at their optimum levels. Undoubtedly, businesses faced a drop in their revenue amid a massive shutdown. These situations have made businesses think twice about their financial management and resources. Following this IT resources have also been under financial constraints, and the Service desk is asked to help out as maximum as possible. In simple words, businesses do not have the capacity to refurbish any technical problems or outsource them, thus they look at their help desk to resolve issues within the budget. In the second place, this entire situation has put a positive impact on service desk practices by enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency. This trend would be followed by upcoming practices in the desk help industry.


Use of chatbots – the automated programs to cater to urgent queries is no more a buzzword at the service desk. Implementation of employee chatbots to cover common daily basis issues is cost-effective, time-saving, and also efficient. These chatbots can work 24/7 without dropping due to a bundle of queries and thus they make sure 24/7 availability of the help desk. Another factor that drives the trend of using chatbots for listening and resolving quick queries is; they can easily handle simple to medium-level technical issues with the help of prelaunch programs. This way a space is built for the team to handle complex tasks where human intuitive decision making is involved.


Automated processes are vigilant ways to handle service desk services. When the service desk is automated it means the ticketing process goes beyond its capacities by tracing data and creating inherent efficiencies. 31.7% of major companies already use AI to augment customer service.

Automations make process and data flow seamless and easy and this would prove to be the most driving trend of 2022. Another example of automation is cloud computing that refers to the use of two or more complex and hybrid environments. The use of cloud computing in the service desk provides incredible scalability and flexibility for the entire IT infrastructure.


Another viral trend in service desk help is opting for the features of service desk softwares “pay as you go”. As financial constraints have hit the businesses. Updates and purchases of new and heavy service desk software will be a tight-hand decision for small to medium businesses. Therefore, they would prefer services that are more dynamic and usage-based. Service desk softwares companies in 2022 will look forwards to making their customers more approachable by implementing customized pay plans.


No one is working for now, but tomorrow. And tomorrow will be more digitalized and dynamic than today. To excel the features of help desk data-oriented next-generation tools like chatbots, automated emails, and automated replies are the most robust ways. However, when these services are paired with robotic next-generation tools the outcomes are doubled. Integration IT tools and other networking points are supposed to be connected with service desk software to outrival the process of resolving issues on point.


Another trend that has to be followed by the year 2022 is the use of multilayer systems in the service help desk. This means for every range of query the connected layer will be responsible to handle. Simple and daily basis queries are to be handled by simple auto-generated responses. Medium level tasks will be under the automated processes but humans have to supervise them also. Third layer tasks would involve intuitive human manual handling at their end to make sensible and rational solutions for the given task. This multilayer infrastructure will become a trend in upcoming years.


Time has gone when people used to say IT glitches are inevitable and unpredictable. Now based on Artificial intelligence data tools, forthcoming core issues can be predictable. This is the reason why help desks are pursuing analytical tools for such purposes. These analytical tools are designed to process and audit the entire data of Infrastructural capacities inside a workplace and track down any possible threats. On the client end, these tools act as a business representative and handle queries on hand and make solutions even before these queries arise.