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Ethics Of Software Development


Nowadays, software is being used in almost every aspect of people’s lives. Watching TV, driving a car, shopping for food, purchasing online, communicating —the list is endless.

These technologies run our lives and are tightly linked to human life. Let’s face it: some businesses do not follow the regulations.

Even the way businesses work has been revolutionized by technological developments. Many businesses ignore the side effects of their operations and the troubles they may bring in people’s lifestyles to be the first to launch products to the markets and the most unique in products and services.

Profit-driven businesses are known to ignore basic ethical business principles. Software engineers get involved in unethical behavior by working for dishonest corporations that prioritize profit over people’s lives and ignore the consequences.

With technology becoming such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is impossible to isolate it from the ethics that impact it. They influence how we consume and develop.

However, software programmers need to offer consumers a safe and efficient program in which they may put their faith. After all, huge power comes with great responsibility.

Addictive design, questionable personal data ownership, algorithmic bias, weak security, and PII protection, prioritizing features over impact are some of the issues of ethics of software development that you may face. If you want any help you can get help from custom software agency in Australia.

Ethical Guidelines for Software

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The Association for Computational Machinery is the biggest scientific and educational computing organization worldwide. Which has its own Ethical code and also another set of ethical standards that have been certified as the norm for studying and practicing software development by the IEEE. Those codes are the Code of Ethics Ethics and Conduct as well as the Software Development Code of Ethics as well as Professionalism; which you will read some of its guidelines and issues.

According to the ACM’s Code of Ethics as well as Professionalism:

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Make a positive contribution to society and social well-being

Programmers should endeavor to create computer systems that lessen undesirable societal repercussions, such as dangers to health and safety, so this makes daily activities and works simpler. It is a duty to improve to high standards.

Avoid causing harm to someone else.

Third parties are affected indirectly by computer networks. They can lead to the loss of data and knowledge, which can be extremely destructive to users, the public in general, or businesses. As a result, software engineers should follow rules to design and system components to reduce the chance of causing harm to someone else due to technical errors or security risks.

Others’ privacy should be respected.

Some people misuse computer systems to infringe on the security of others. Software engineers should create applications that secure users’ private data and protect unwanted access to it by others.

Be truthful and dependable.

When creating computer systems, this approach encourages coders for being honest and mindful of their knowledge as well as training constraints. In addition, if programmers discover a problem with a computing device, they should disclose it quickly to avoid unfavorable effects.

According to the Software Development Code of Ethics and Professional Experience (IEEE, ACM):

Assure that software is adequately tested, debugged, and reviewed.

Programmers should run suitable tests on the system they work with, looking for mistakes and system security gaps to ensure that the applications are executed properly.

Improve their capacity to produce high-quality software that is secure, dependable, and valuable.

As technology and digital criminality evolve at a quicker rate each year, the demand for well-structured and created programs grows. Computer systems age and are outmoded by newer ones and gadgets.  To build better technology, programmers should advance their knowledge of changes in the research, specification, development, design, maintenance, and test of software and associated documentation.

Approve applications whether they are confident it is secure and satisfies standards.

Programmers cannot presume that a system can be used just because it completes the required tasks. They need to ensure that these devices are safe and satisfy all of the user’s specifications. When programs are not secure, users are vulnerable to hackers who may steal sensitive data or money. As a result, before authorizing a system, numerous tests should be undertaken to assure its security.

Accept complete accountability for their efforts.

If a program contains mistakes, the software developers can accept complete responsibility for their work or even work on editing, repairing, altering, and testing it.


According to the material – instances and other author’s statements – it was underlined that the consequence of faulty practices might have a negative influence on human lives, including Therac 25, and cost a lot of money, such as Ariane 5, Flight 501. The digitalization of the industry helps individuals and employers comprehend the need for practicing ethics in software development. As a result, when an ethical challenge emerges, it would be dealt with directly under all circumstances, or else mismanaged ethical difficulties will undoubtedly produce a significant problem.

Respective governments can create ethics for firms and employees depending on diverse conditions in the digitalizing environment. In addition, two significant recognized professional organizations in the area, IEEE computer organization, and ACM have produced an ethical code. As workers, you need to grasp the consequences of unethical behavior and act ethically in the office with all employees. It has the potential to avert disasters in terms of resources, money, and influence on individuals, among other aspects. As a result, as working professionals, personnel should adhere to an ethics code.