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Workplace automation. How to do it


A workspace, whether it is a home office or a real one, cannot be just convenient and comfortable, but also, so to say, “smart”. This means to be automatically adjusting to the user’s habits and preferences.

The concept of an intelligent workplace seems to have been on the market for quite some time. But we began to talk more about working in the most comfortable conditions relatively recently, as well as suggesting where you can buy nice components for automating your home or workspace. For example, here you can use a versatile build tool to create the perfect standing desk. But this is just the beginning of a decent setup and automation of your workplace…

The Functionality of Standing Desk

Most of your working time you intend to spend at the desk. Therefore we will never advise you to save on this piece of furniture. If there is an opportunity to purchase a kind of transformer from the ability to work both standing and sitting – please buy it without hesitation! There are so many published materials and studies already, proving that working at a desk with a standing position brings more benefits. They are related not only to the business process but also to your health.

There are desks options, equipped with a built-in memory positioning remote and single motor, convenient recesses for a personal computer or notebook. The variety of offers and variations in the external appearance of desks will allow you to bring to your home or office not only a technical giant but also a pretty and decent piece of furniture.

Automatic Fresh Air Ventilation

It was found that workers in well-ventilated areas perform with the done tasks better than in stuffy areas. Scientists have been testing the influence of office air quality on the cognitive abilities of employees for a long time and only receive confirmation of this fact. Indeed, fresh air is harmless in any quantity and significantly improves brain activity.

Therefore, hurry up to equip your workplace with sensors that would send a signal to the controllers, and they would give the command to the performers-actuators to open the windows promptly. Better to set up that fresh air enters the space with a systematic frequency since this will not bring harm.

Fair Heat Breaks No Bones

On the other hand, if your body is not warm, then the feeling of gold can make you nervous and distract you from the working process. Therefore, with the help of an automatic system, it is necessary to establish the operation of air conditioning heaters that would always maintain in the room the most comfortable temperature for you. This is such an individual question since there are people who the tropical heat to feel good, others, on the contrary, enjoy a pleasant chill. Happily, in automation, all sorts of options are possible.

Saving Maintenance Costs

The introduction of workplace automation systems optimizes resource management and significantly saves up to 30% on maintenance, primarily due to the cost of electricity and water supply.

Implementation of automated scenarios helps to achieve this. You can program the mode when either employee leaves the office or you stop working. Then all devices and subsystems will be transferred to an energy-saving mode of operation, the curtains will be lowered, the lights will be turned off. The opposite mode, indicating the beginning of the working day, will open the curtains, turn on the overhead light, and put all the necessary systems into active mode.

Flattering Lighting

By optimizing your workspace management, you must create a healthy and rewarding environment. This applies primarily to maintaining the desired level and shade of lighting.

The automation scenario is configured for specific periods of the working day. For example, in the morning, when the sun is not yet too bright, the room will automatically open blinds or curtains to allow natural daylight. A cool shade of lighting can be used to illuminate tables to increase attention and concentration.

After lunchtime, when the sun starts to shine too much, heating the room and creating glare on the monitor screens, the curtains should be pulled down and the lighting should be adjusted to maintain a constant light level.

Thanks to all of the above wonders of workspace automation, you will experience the comfort of being indoors throughout the day, and this will be a definite guarantee of success.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.