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How to choose the right apartment in Honolulu ?


What to do if you can’t find the apartment you want?

1. Make a list of priorities, what do you want to see in your desired apartment?

The market is periodically updated and changed, so you need to look at how your expectations correspond to the criteria that are important to you. Since when searching for an apartment, the buyer creates a certain illusion of that ideal picture, that ideal apartment, but this does not always correspond to what is now on the market for the money that the buyer now has.

2. Cross out inappropriate items.

After you roughly understand what is presented, you take a list and remove some items, that is, you understand that, for example, you cannot find an apartment in the center, on a high floor, with decoration for a certain budget, this simply cannot be, and here you are already making a decision to either take a break, save money, or somehow reduce the list of characteristics of the desired apartment. Learn more at https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/houses-for-sale-honolulu/kailua.

3. Go beyond your beliefs

For example, buyers came to me who said “just not a panel house.” When I asked why not panel, they said something about sound insulation, but in general it was difficult for them to give a specific answer. Here you need to understand that old panel houses have really poor sound insulation, but new panel houses are built in a completely different way and they have excellent sound insulation. Moreover, let’s not forget the fact that the insulation is still affected by the finishing material.

Another example is from the “don’t want a high floor” belief because the roof might leak. Yes, there is such a thing, but this is the history of the old fund, but if we take modern houses, then the high floor, on the contrary, is attractive in terms of ceiling height, they are higher than on the floors below.

Therefore, look at your convictions and broaden your horizons a little!

4. Don’t Focus on Price

Real estate is a market, and it is customary to bargain on the market, and sellers inflate prices by about 20%. Moreover, if you are considering a new building, do not forget the fact that a mortgage on a new building is much lower in interest than a secondary housing, and intermediary agents provide big discounts. We had many such situations when clients came to me with a certain budget and we agreed on individual conditions for them and managed to buy an apartment that is much higher than the level and segment than the buyer expected. Among other things, the developer periodically has various programs such as “Buy now – pay later!”, subsidized mortgages, promotions and much more. The main thing is not to get hung up on the budget, but to ask, be interested and find out and you will certainly find the desired object.