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Why do you need a TV aerial for your smart TV?


7 years after their release, only 11% of households in the UK owned a smart TV. Now, fast forward to 2021, this percentage has increased to almost 67% of households. The usage of the smart TV continues to grow as 9 out of every 10 TVs on Amazon are smart TVs. When buying a new TV, it is no surprise why many will choose to go to for a smart TV due to the extra features and quality, which remains a similar price to normal TVs. However, the common mistake that is made frequently is the assumption that you do not need a TV aerial for your smart TV. This is very much not the case, and we will explain why.

Live TV

Within the UK, Freeview TV is the digital terrestrial television service. It provides viewers with a line-up of free TV with up to 70 channels and radio stations. Within most newer TVs, made after 2010, the Freeview TV box is already built into the TV meaning that there is no need to purchase one. The only device needed to access live TV is a TV Aerial. It is important to ensure that your TV aerial is fully functioning to receive a quality TV reception. Contact the professionals at https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk if you require an aerial installation or repair to ensure that you have access to live TV. Live TV viewing can break up streaming TV viewing and is sometimes preferred by some viewers as they can catch up on news channels, reality shows, and documentaries, etc.

Not as dependent on internet connection 

As smart TV streaming services depend on an internet connection, what happens when your internet is down? You can depend on live TV. Sometimes when streaming services are operating on a weak internet connection, it can be frustrating. Shows and movies can buffer constantly and the connection can break up, meaning that your entertainment can’t run smoothly due to interruptions. This is unlikely to happen when you switch to live TV as this does not depend on internet services and as well as this, you can quite often find some of your favourite Netflix shows on live TV such as sitcoms, dramas, etc.

Free service 

If you already have a TV aerial, do not get rid of it! The service is free so why get rid of it, especially if you can make use of the channels. Quite often homeowners will opt for a satellite dish and pay for a Sky monthly package however, not make use out of all of the channels. Sky can lure in potential consumers by offering Netflix in their packages however, with a smart TV, you already have access to this. Therefore, if you are not a huge live TV viewer, save yourself the additional cost and stick with your TV aerial for your smart TV as you already have the ability to access streaming services via your smart TV.