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How to Clean up and Optimize PC with IObit Advanced SystemCare


If you want free software that can take good care of your computer, IObit Advanced SystemCare could be your best option. It’s the free version of Advanced SystemCare tool packs with a set of system utilities that are practical to speed up your computer, clean some junks, and protect your device from spyware attacks.

This free version of the software is free to get, with limitations in features. But don’t worry, you can still get the essentials. If you want to grab the Pro version, you need to pay $19.99 yearly, which can later be used for three different computers.

Why You Need to Have IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

As soon as you start your PC for the first time, it starts to save temporary files, caches, and registries. That’s the reason why you can see some amount of space has been used in your hard drive. Eventually, these files will form a mountainous stream that can make the disk fragmented, along with errors here and there.

That’s the culprit behind your computer’s errors most of the time. Unfortunately, it may directly affect the computer’s performance, making it slower and unresponsive in particular scenarios. Thankfully, tuning tools like IObit Advanced SystemCare are here to help you detect and clear up PC effectively.

If you want to clean up your system, these cleaning tools are certainly a great help to solve your issues.

The Main Features

Once done installing IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 Free for the first time, you may notice a gigantic Scan button. If you click it, the software will run a check on your computer’s status and give recommendations and suggestions later on. It will detect all the unnecessary files, junks, shortcuts, and old registries. Security check is also underway to make your computer more secure against spyware and other weaknesses.

You will also find several optimization tools to speed your computer up, although only some of them. For example, Turbo Boost stops background processes from getting more RAM, and one feature is called Deep Optimization. This feature will run an optimization process for all aspects of your computer, including network and hard drive.

IObit Advanced SystemCare also has tools to protect you during online browsing. The tool will make sure you’re safe from cyberattacks, especially phishing.

There’s also System Updater, which is a neat tool to update installed software on your computer. It lets you know once there’s an update for a particular software.

About the user experience, IObit Advanced SystemCare has a modern UI with a clean design. In addition, there are skins to be chosen with the addition of window transparency and custom wallpapers.

It also comes with a bit of a widget to show additional information about RAM, CPU, Metrics, and Disk Load once you click it.

IObit Advanced SystemCare has a decent optimization performance. It’s able to detect thousands of junk and old registries that need a clean-up. Furthermore, the report will automatically be shown after the whole process is done, providing you with detailed information about what you need to do.


Overall, IObit Advanced SystemCare is a neat, fundamental tool that you may use to clean and solve your computer issues. It’s an all-in-one tool for various purposes you can always depend on. Despite no need to pay anything, you may still have the essential functions that are undoubtedly helpful and meaningful.

However, if you do have a budget for it, we highly recommend using the paid version since it has the best features. With only $19.99 per year, you can possibly get the best system utility with a simplistic operation.