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3 Unconventional Travel Hacks You Should Know


If you are a frequent traveller, you must have come across several travel hacks, including unconventional ones like getting compensation through companies like Flightright. However, regardless of how many travel hacks you know, there are some that you should never skip. This article highlights some unconventional travel hacks everyone should be familiar with.

1. Choose your travel time carefully

Many people are not aware that their travel time can influence a lot in their itinerary. For example, it’s best to travel during “shoulder season”. This is the time of the year when there’s fair weather, low ticket prices, and less crowded destinations since fewer people travel around this time. In most places, this is specifically around March-May and September – November. It is called shoulder season because it is right before the peak period when most people travel and ticket prices increase.

If you’re travelling simply for fun and relaxation, consider choosing your travel time carefully. Also, while booking, choose morning flights if you have that option. This saves you the worry of any possible flight disruption.

2. Get compensated

You probably have heard before now that you could be compensated if your flight ever gets disrupted. Now, let’s break this down a little. For you to be compensated, you need to be familiar with your rights as an air passenger. For example, the EU 261/2004 regulation protects air passengers flying from an EU member state or landing in one with a European airline.

Under this regulation, each person may be entitled to up to €250 – €600 in compensation. This is in addition to the right to care where you get complimentary food and drinks, free hotel booking for long delays that lasts the night, and free internet.

So, if your flight ever gets delayed or cancelled, or you missed your connecting flight, or were denied boarding, ensure you exercise your rights. Rather than getting frustrated over the situation, you can work on getting paid for the inconvenience.

3. Change currencies before travelling

Travelling can sometimes get so overwhelming that you forget to change your money before you get to the airport. However, you should know that airport rates are usually not fair. It’s best to change it in your home country at a reasonable price before heading to the airport. You also don’t have to change an enormous amount; just have enough to transport you from the airport and buy you some time until you can find a suitable place to get more money.

In addition, be careful not to use your cards just anywhere. If you have an international travel debit card, it’s best to use it at a trusted bank ATM.

Bottom Line

There are several other hacks that every traveller should know, but we have put together these three as important hacks that should never be forgotten. The end goal is to have a travel experience free of hassles and unexpected disruptions like flight delays and cancellations. However, you can’t always predict what will happen but whatever the case might be, be prepared with these key hacks.