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How New Technologies Boost Productivity


If you want to achieve something, you need focus and productivity. Achieving maximum productivity is not easy, especially when there are many distractions around us. Modern technologies can help increase the efficiency of an individual and an entire team. They can cause some anxiety given that mobile devices create a lot of distractions.

It comes not only about the working process in the office or home, if you work remotely, productivity is also about the way you cope with daily tasks at home, or the way you learn, perceive the necessary information, and can use the knowledge in practice. The article describes a new trendy sit stand desk frame that can change your usual attitude to the working or learning conditions you are used to.

People should not be afraid of innovative technically facilitated trends that so quickly continue to penetrate into our life. In fact, they have been designed to help people to be more effective, save time, their money, and adapt to new conditions faster. The thing is that a certain group of people consider that all these automation systems, smart homes, and “intelligent” products have been created just by someone to earn money and do nothing. It’s a typical mistaken opinion and it’s possible to dispel it by describing the positive points people continue to receive while using this smart furniture piece, as one of the newish tech examples for productivity-boosting.

Why a lot of sitting is bad and where is productivity?

Sitting is the most harmful posture for the spine. When you sit, your back receives the maximum load, which is why, for example, with compression fractures of the spine, doctors forbid patients to sit. Prolonged sitting leads to pain in almost all parts of the spine – from the neck to the lower back. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the vast majority of people also sit incorrectly at their workplace – they slouch, move too close to the monitor, and do not follow the position of their hands.

It is clear that working standing eliminates all the risks associated with durational sitting because in this case there are other risks. For example, when you stand for a long time, the load on the feet increases, and the cervical region is also not easy, especially if you did not immediately select the appropriate table height. So, what is the benefit?

Movement is the prevention of back problems. Starting to work at such a desk, it is important not to be zealous in a new hobby, but to alternate standing and sitting modes of work with a comfortable frequency. If you have a regular desk that is extremely inconvenient, then it can cause pain and make you move a lot. In turn, this is distracting and will affect your productivity levels, preventing you from focusing on your work. A computer desk should help you work smart, not hard. A desk designed with good ergonomics in mind will make you happier, boost your mood and enhance your productivity.

According to the research, the users of motorized desks start to feel tangible changes in their physical and mental states that correspondingly influences their work results and productivity level.

What are the other advantages you can get with a standing desk

Except for the health positive changes you can obtain, there are several other benefits that will also help you to be more delighted and productive throughout the day.

Working ability increase

The University of Texas conducted a study among call center operators, which proved that working at such tables shows good results:

  • increased the percentage of successful calls;
  • operators making calls in a standing position were distinguished by a higher degree of efficiency;
  • in an hour and a half, the efficiency factor increased by 46%.

Efficient space management

You no longer have to adapt to the workplace, now it will adapt to you. You can change the position of the desktop at any time, creating the most comfortable and convenient conditions for yourself.

Standing computer tables help fight excess weight

If you spend at least a few hours a day at work in a standing position, you will spend an additional 2000 kcal per week. This factor is of great importance for those who are deprived of the opportunity to visit the gym regularly.

Wide range of electrically adjustable tables

A wide selection of adjustable tables will allow everyone to choose the ideal model that meets their needs and preferences.

Tables with standard electric adjustment have a standard rectangular shape, and the number of legs varies from 1 to 3. The design is arranged in such a way that you can work at the table both sitting and standing, raising the table to the required height.

Those who need to fit on the work panel not only a computer but also all the necessary documentation will opt for an L-shaped table. The desk is usually installed along the wall and does not take up much space.