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Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Dedicated php developers


Most business owners prefer to use PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor to build websites. So it is safe to say that this server-side scripting language is the prime pick for businesses around the world when it comes to web development. Companies recruit a team where every individual holds certain expertise in the field. And hiring a dedicated development team is a smart move especially in times of crisis.

Solving Web Issues for your Business

It doesn’t matter if you manage a startup or a large enterprise, if your business needs to have an online presence then you need a team that helps you overcome web development problems. From developing a company website to managing blogs, you need skilled PHP experts from India to design and build your website or an application. If you consider this model for your entire project to dedicated PHP developers then not only your productivity will increase but also the quality of your product. So businesses must have a technical team by their side.

The Dedicated Development Team is the New Future

There are many advantages of hiring a dedicated team and the most important benefit is that, unlike an outsourcing team that manages your project with other works based on time, dedicated developers are exclusively available to work as a part of your internal team. They have no other projects to handle apart from yours. This will allow them to work on your project with a laser-like focus which helps in delivering the best results.

You have complete control over the project and can discontinue the services whenever you want. You can get access to this type of flexibility only when you use the approach of hiring dedicated PHP developers. There are many more advantages of using this model and you can further leverage it to accelerate the growth of your business. Seize the opportunity to get the benefits discussed below by recruiting a team of highly-trained dedicated developers.

Top hiring dedicated php developer benefits

1. Improved and Higher Project Outcomes

A remote PHP dedicated development team can get you maximize results with top-notch quality. They are similar to your internal team which is committed to working only on your projects. You will get their undivided attention as well as quick responses but above all that, you will get accountability for the work. If anything goes wrong during the PHP development project then the team can know where and how things have gone wrong.

Because in such a work environment, the responsibilities are assigned beforehand to each member with a given schedule to achieve goals from day one. Professional PHP developers must ensure that your project is completed up to your expectations from beginning to the very end.

2. Lower Expense

You can significantly cut down your operating expenses if you don’t have a team working for you on a monthly payroll. And when your expenses are low, you acquire a better position with your funds. And in such times like this Covid-19 pandemic, when the survival of your business is a major concern then you have to be extra careful with your funds. This hiring model works on a pay-as-you-go approach. There is no need to hire a team and pay them when you don’t have any project for them to work on.

3. Better and Faster Turnaround Time

Hiring a PHP developer will provide you with a quicker turnaround time for your upcoming PHP development projects. This is one of the major reasons why business owners are deciding to hire PHP developers. Now that an entire dedicated PHP team will be working for you, their concentration and focus will stay on your project alone. The more focused your team, the better your project turnaround time. After that you don’t have to worry about how complicated your project is, your focused team would figure out better solutions while making an on-time delivery too.

4. Saved Resources

Hiring a full-time in-house website development team is not an easy task, the entire process is very lengthy and overwhelming. First, you have to go through tons of resumes, quickly filter out some potential candidates, call them for interviews, assessments, aptitude tests, and more. Now, negotiate the salary package with those who have passed all these rounds of recruitment up to the company standards. The process doesn’t even end here. Once the employee is on board, you have to provide them with the necessary training.

So these processes are not only tiring but also very expensive too. It creates a dent in your funds which could have been rather used in the core aspects of your company. However, in hiring a dedicated php developer, you get expert guidance from the software development company that is already tried and tested in the field. You just have to collaborate with them for your upcoming project and after a few formalities, you can get started with your project in no time.

5. Ease in Accessibility

Dedicated teams are definitely like their name i.e. dedicated to their work. But they are more than that. They are also easily accessible as well as highly professional which makes them very inflexible in the case of providing top-notch customer satisfaction. They are mostly the followers of agile best practices, which enables them to regularly update their clients with the progress of the project. Working with a remote dedicated development team would feel like they are all sitting in a single room and having an internal team.

6. No Sharing of Operational Facilities

Now if you are hiring a full-time team then you have to not only pay them their salaries but also provide them with other amenities like desktops or laptops, stationery and other office equipment, and similar perks. These additional facilities can increase the burden especially in the time of such a crisis. But if you opt to hire dedicated PHP developers then you don’t have to provide your remote team any kind of perks. All you have to do is just hire the team and wait for them to deliver the updates on the project and the results on the scheduled delivery time.

7. Seamless Continuity and a Robust Stability

Most of the time when your project does not get completed, it’s either a key member of your team who left the job or your freelancer took the flight. Such unexpected incidents can cost you and your company a fortune. Additionally, it will be very painful to go through the entire hiring process all over again: conducting all those interviews and getting the perfect fit. And amidst all these functions, the most important thing i.e. your project gets sidelined, postponed, or terminated.

However, if you had a dedicated team behind you then the chances of having such fiascos are next to zero. A dedicated team never leaves their client hanging to dry alone in the middle of a crucial project. And by chance, if someone has to quit, they always get a substitute in no time.

8. Zero Clash of expectations

If you are hiring PHP developers from a trusted development firm then you get access to the global talent pool that possesses the experience in working through every level of the web development process. When you hire dedicated PHP developers, the selection process won’t take that much of your time. Software companies have already set up their own dynamic recruiting procedure that will help you find the most qualified and highly experienced PHP programmers.

In the case of an in-house team, there is no guarantee that every fresh recruit will be able to figure it all out. There may be a few employees who did neither get quite an understanding of your project nor of the work that needs to be done. And even if it does, it takes a long time for them to specialize in the field. So, until then, all your precious time is lost.

9. A 100% Business-Oriented Approach

Professional PHP developers know how businesses are run around the world because they have worked in the industry for a very long time. So also get to understand the web development purposes. All that work done with the corporate houses has paid them off with a treasure of experience and business knowledge which they leverage to lay out a business-oriented strategy for their clients. So you don’t have to worry about the expertise, professionalism, or even business-oriented strategy of your team when you are hiring dedicated PHP programmers. However, it is very hard to find all this in a newly recruited php web developer.

10. Prompt Response to Emergency Situations

If you hire PHP developers, they will never let you down. In case of any emergency or critical situation amidst the web development process, they have always got your back. They are remote yet they are always accessible from anywhere and at any time to pull you out of all the troubles. On the other hand, your in-house team will have fixed working hours and won’t provide much support in the post-office timings.

Sure, the situation isn’t always so bad. In times of crisis, the full-time employees also offer their support and work long hours to build that suitable solution. But of course, there will be some limitations to this. And these limitations in the traditional in-house teams are what inspire a business owner to hire a dedicated development team to create dynamic websites.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of dedicated development team models grows more and more around the world using PHP development as leverage to their benefit. Working with a dedicated PHP developer or a PHP programmer is indeed more advantageous than it has any disadvantages. You will get access to a  large talent pool, get to tap into the latest technological resources to build well-furnished web solutions. And the best thing? You can get all of these at a reasonable cost.

But as a word of caution: before you go out shopping for a PHP developer, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the objectives and business goals of your upcoming projects. Other than that, make sure that the software company you are collaborating with is trustworthy. After all, they are the ones that will be helping you integrate the team seamlessly into your business. Moreover, the recruitment, administrative support, retirement, and other services will also be managed by them only. The dedicated model has proved to be a breakthrough from which your business can avail of tons of benefits.