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Will we bet on sports via our smartwatches in the future?


Anyone living in the modern world knows how important tech is to us. It is no exaggeration to say that it not only plays a crucial role in the business world but also our personal lives. Can we ever imagine going back to a time when smart thermostats were not around, for example?! How we stay entertained has also been greatly influenced by tech recently and this now sees many of us streaming movies or catching up on social media sites in our spare time.

Betting on sports is also a popular hobby and another pastime that has been affected by tech. For example, many of us now like to bet on sports in our spare time via online sportsbooks or mobile betting apps. This is particularly on trend in the US, where recent changes to federal law have enabled individual states to legalize this activity. As a result, there are not only some top legal sportsbooks for US bettors to enjoy but also many states where betting on sports like football is allowed.

Evolution of tech in sports betting is key

This tech-based revolution in sports betting has enabled it to grow massively in recent years and give people a convenient, fun way to get involved. It has also helped sports betting appeal to more people and reach a much wider audience. With the global sports betting market predicted to hit over $100bn by 2025, it is clear how popular this pastime is.

Of course, this future growth will only happen if the industry continues to innovate. One way in which this could happen in the near future is people being able to place bets via their smartwatches. For those who do not know, smartwatches are internet-connected watches that not only tell the time but allow you to do a host of cool stuff online, wherever you are. With smartwatch sales in 2021 topping over 120 million units shipped globally, it is obvious that more and more people are starting to buy them.

But could these internet-enabled watches really be a way to make bets on sports, as we move forward?

Smartwatch betting could be a thing

 When you consider that wearable tech for plants is now possible, being able to do place sports bets on a smartwatch sounds a breeze. But why might we all be doing this soon?

To begin with, these watches allow you to access the internet and this makes them well-suited to betting at online sportsbooks or via betting apps. In addition, these devices are simple to use and make sports betting possible from any location. With mobile betting being very popular, this is a big plus point.

You also have to factor in that people in modern life just love using the latest tech gadgets to perform tasks. Due to this, it is easy to see a lot of bettors loving the novelty and cutting-edge feel of placing wagers via a smartwatch. It is also worth remembering that smartwatch betting could add even more convenience to this pastime.

As the watch is strapped to your wrist almost 24/7, it means you can bet without needing to carry another device (like a tablet or smartphone) around. Being able to not only bet but do everything else you need to from just one device strapped to your wrist could be very appealing.

Are there any barriers to smartwatch sports betting?

 Many of the barriers to smartwatch betting come down to the watches themselves and their overall design. Would current examples have enough processing power to load up sportsbooks online and provide a smooth, stable and responsive experience? Could they handle being able to download and run the latest, sophisticated sports betting apps? These are questions that need answering before smartwatch betting can be considered viable.

In addition, smartwatch screens are fairly small and this could be a barrier to betting on them. It could soon become frustrating, for example, if you cannot see what is on screen properly or find the information shown to be too cluttered. Smartwatch controls are also a lot smaller than those on other devices we currently use for betting. This might be an issue as they could be too fiddly and deliver a poor experience.

Smartwatch betting could become popular

 With more people buying these devices and the very good reasons why betting on smartwatches could work, you should not be surprised to see this happening soon. If manufacturers can iron out the potential issues we have raised, the experience could be here quicker than we imagine.