Top 5 Online Tools To Improve English Speaking Skills if You’re An Expat

Falling in love with someone from an English speaking country is complicated and challenging, especially if you choose to live with your partner. You will need to learn their culture and language to efficiently live in a foreign country. If you want to know more about migrating to the UK, you can consult Total Law immigration lawyers to help you out.

Usually, if you’re an expat and you’re applying for a K3 form visa, you will probably stay in your spouse’s country for quite some time. Or, even if you will acquire a visitor’s visa instead of a family visa, you will still need to learn how to speak English. It’s one way to survive, and usually, there are language tests you need to pass before you can set foot in the UK.

So, you should improve your English speaking skills while processing your papers as much as possible. There are many online tools that you can explore to practice and improve your English communication skills, and here are the top 5 of them.


One of the platforms that you can check online to practice your English skills is the LearnEnglish website. It’s dedicated to connecting people in the UK and other countries through sharing language, culture, history and arts. This website offers a place for you to learn and practice the English language through applying to courses, joining the community and navigating its app.

How to Use LearnEnglish?

On its website, you can start by taking an English exam to assess your knowledge regarding the subject. It will help the site to match your skills with the appropriate courses online that you can take. Generally, you can choose whether to study the language by yourself, with a personal tutor, through the mobile app or on social media. It will depend on your preferred setup. You can even optimize and combine strategies to learn the language more effectively.


Learning a new language online has never been so easy because of the free and accessible tools out there. So, if you’re planning to live in an English country as a foreigner, you should take advantage of the portable language learning tool called Duolingo. It offers a website and mobile app where you can access different language learning materials for free.

How to Use Duolingo?

You can download the app of Duolingo on your mobile phone or visit its website. You can choose the language and level of skills you want to practice or learn on the platform. It provides various writing, reading, and speaking activities in English and other languages for you to access.


Downloading language learning apps are a bit time-consuming. So, if you’re not fond of using mobile apps to improve your English speaking skills, you can use Langroo. It is an AI language chatbot that you can access through Facebook Messenger. It offers two conversational language variations of American and English.


How to use Langroo?

If you have Facebook Messenger on your phone, you can just search Langroo on its search bar. Once you find the chatbot, click the ‘get started button to learn the language. You can also get access to see tutors and converse with them in the accent you prefer.

BBC Learning English

Another place online to improve your English communication skills is the BBC Learning English site. It offers an array of language materials that you can access to learn the language at your own pace. Here, you can find courses, grammar lessons, vocabulary, pronunciation, and quizzes to practice what you know. Moreover, you can translate the website to your preferred language.

How to Use the BBC Learning English?

Similar to other platforms, you can access the language materials of BBC Learning English by visiting its designated website or downloading the app on your smartphone. Upon visiting the site or app, you can first test your level of English skills by taking a short quiz. It can help the platform to find the programs that match your level.

 Easy World of English

You can also visit the Easy World of English online website to level up your English speaking skills before living in the UK. It’s an interactive platform where you can get access to reading, speaking and writing materials.

How to use EWE?

To access the features of EWE, you can visit its website and create an account. Once you have an account, you can log in to the site and freely take courses and use the materials.


Living in a foreign country is challenging as you need to learn their culture, history and language. However, with the help of various language online tools, it becomes easier to learn and practice different languages.


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