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Do Toyota Corollas Take Synthetic Oil?


As one of the most reliable vehicles ever designed, Toyota Corollas offer excellent fuel mileage as well as almost legendary reliability. Therefore, to keep a great machine in peak condition, you want to do right by it, and that means using the optimal oil. For pre-2009 models, your owner’s manual is likely to recommend conventional motor oil; it is important to note that in most cases, your engine would be fine with a synthetic product. When considering your 2010 Toyota Corolla oil type or later models, synthetic oil is the fluid of choice.

While the specifications of the oil you use could change due to your climate and your driving style, for most drivers a 5W-20 formulation is an excellent choice. Brands such as Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Valvoline, Motorcraft and others make quality oil that will lubricate your sensitive engine components. With an engine over 75,000 miles, you might want to consider switching to a high mileage option. These cost a bit more but provide extra protection for older engines.

How Often Should You Replace Your Oil?

One of the great things about synthetic oil is that it extends the time between oil changes. In the past, oil changes were recommended about every 3,000 miles. With synthetic oil, the average time frame is between 5,000 to 7,000 miles. It is always important to consult your owner’s manual in this regard.

This type of engine oil costs a bit more, but you might only need two or three oil changes per year. Synthetic oil also has other advantages:

  • Efficiently reduces the buildup of sludge and grime
  • Operates more efficiently under extreme temperatures
  • Works better in the cold due to faster flow upon ignition
  • Protects engine components better in modern engines

Good evidence suggests that synthetic oils improve gas mileage a little bit and that they also have a positive impact on the longevity of your engine. While at first many people questioned the value of synthetics, the many advantages of this type of oil won over even those resistant to change.

How To Change Your Motor Oil At Home

While your vehicle might seem like a sturdy hunk of metal and rubber, a case can be made that the right vehicle fluids and chemicals are the lifeblood of your machine. Gasoline, oil, transmission and brake fluids and engine coolant are essential to a vehicle that operates as it should. Fortunately, to save a little money, you can change most of these vital fluids yourself.

Changing the oil in your Toyota takes about 30 minutes and a few simple tools. The essential steps are as follows:

  • Warm up the car for a few minutes
  • Remove the drain plug with a 14mm socket
  • Drain the oil and replace the plug
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Add 3.9 quarts of motor oil

Be sure to put the oil cap back on, or you will soon have oil all over the place. For quality parts, tools and vital fluids visit your neighborhood auto parts store. Save money and upgrade your car all in one visit.