E-Soccer Battles: How to Place Bets?

Don’t you know what an esoccer battle is? Then you took away tons of excitement and profitable bets. Luckily, we’re here to fix the situation. So, it is about a FIFA sports simulator that appeared in the 90s and became extremely popular worldwide. It should be said that the number of major championships and tournaments has recently increased, and the most prestigious battles collect huge prizes for participants.

The Canadian studio EA Canada subsidiary of Electronic Arts develops the FIFA series.The simulator’s introduction to WCG, ESWC, and other prestigious tournaments has become one of the milestones in the development of the game as a cybersports discipline. The series is rapidly evolving : the scale of tournaments and the number of professional players, amateurs, prizes, and bets for these competitions are growing.

E-Soccer Battles: How to Place Bets?

E-Soccer Betting Markets

The online sofa, also known as BetSofa, is one of the best virtual venues to place bets on e-soccer. You can benefit from live or upcoming events, placing bets on World Tournaments. Which bets can generate winning in this e-sport niche?

  • Handicaps

They are an advantage or an acceptable lag for teams or rivals. In other words, the match ends with a certain difference in the goals scored. The odds can be positive (+1.5) and negative (-1.5). In the first case, the team you’ve bet on shouldn’t lose more than one ball. In the second case, the team must win at least two balls.

  • Over/Under Bets

The bet means the total number of goals scored in the match. For example, the team must score no more than 2 goals if the punter bets less than 2.5.

  • Winner Bets

This bet implies all the match’s main time results: each team wins and draws. It is also possible to place no-draw bets, but either team will win.

Some Betting Tips for E-Soccer Fans

A free sport bet no deposit bonus can significantly enhance your chances to win. Besides, you should consider some tips.

For example, many punters adore live betting. However, when it comes to cyber football, artificial intelligence is not tuned for unexpected turns. So epic rocks are rare. Therefore, if one of the teams actively started the match and led by two balls or more, it is possible to predict the outcome of the meeting with great probability.

Note that alongside a computer simulation, real people can play. In this case, you should understand that the team’s status or the players’ names are not the main factors for victory. Instead, gamers’ skills matter. Do you want to bet on this discipline successfully? Then, it is necessary to follow sportsmen, watch matches’ records and streams, get an idea of the rules, and know the game’s mechanics.


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