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Does Technology Affect Students’ Essay Writing Skills?


For people like me, technology will always be an answer to unsaid prayers. From simple innovations like the table that seem easy to actually think of to the smartphone, (that even though I use every day I still can’t comprehend) technology is everywhere.

Moreover, technology as defined is the application of scientific knowledge and information into various processes such as the production of goods or services. So technology cuts across so many innovations and industries, and it has one primary objective; to make life easy 

However, technology does more than make life easy for us, it makes school easy for us. It feels like these two things are the same thing but anyone who has been held within the four walls knows that school is not just part of life, it is life. Therefore, just like life, the school has its share of good moments and challenges. 

These challenges come in the form of assignments, tests, and projects that are sometimes difficult to understand. In times like that, I used to simply hire an expert to do my assignment cheap and fast, and today even you can do so with just a click of the mouse.

It’s no news, however, that as the years go by, technology becomes more and more problem solving so much that sometimes I wonder if we’d be able to breathe without their help in a few centuries. Obviously, an exaggeration, but you understand where I’m driving. Technology is undoubtedly our savior.

All areas of learning seem to be affected by this behavior but in this article, we would be talking about the effects that technology has on essay writing skills

An essay is simply a piece of writing on a particular topic. Essays are of four different types: Argumentative, narrative, description, and expository writing

So, here are my thoughts on the effects that technology could have on the essay writing skills of students:

  • It could improve writing skills 

Technology has made it so that students are no longer limited to their lecturer’s face-to-face interactions to learn everything that they have to about essays. They could also follow expert tutors on YouTube or blogs and easily learn some great writing skills.

Moreover, students can even ask for help from one of the best UK essay writing services and complete their essays in no time. More than just solutions to assignments, the help provided is professional and hence, can be also studied as a guide to understanding more about essays.

  • It helps save time 

People understand things at different paces and through different methods, and it’s not a new thing. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent hours staring at a note that you got in school trying to understand the topic. It was surprising however when I landed on another material on the same topic on the internet, and in minutes I could understand immediately all that the topic was about. 

Imagine I had come in contact with the other material initially. Or worse, imagine that I did not come across the material in time.

So, when it comes to learning, time is an important factor and even though it is calculated in the form of days and years, every second really counts. This equally applies to every single area, essay writing included

  • It broadens one’s spectrum

Due to the time frame of the regular school, there is a limit to what the teacher chooses to cover in the classroom. 

However, technological methods of learning are barely restricted by time and contain a lot of resources for whoever is willing to dive deeper into these subjects.

Technology also creates a hub of teachers. Different teachers have different specializations. Hence, while still discussing the same subjects, there could be various sub-topics to learn, various methods that you probably never knew existed. 

Technology hence removes the limiting factor and transforms students from being local champions to internationally accepted experts. 

  • It helps in editing and proofreading faster

Today, you can easily edit your essays using numerous free and paid online tools such as Grammarly, and make your essay sound like a pro in literally minutes. 

Summing up

From early academic stages, up until college days, essay writing will always pop up once or twice as assignments or even projects. Technology has done us a huge favor by making the execution of these assignments very easy. 

Also, technology certainly and obviously affects almost everything. However, the nature of the effect that technology has depends mostly on the students’ openness to learning. 

If a student uses technology to study more and research more on essay writing skills then, technology would certainly have a positive effect on his writing skills. In brief, technology is a gift; a gift that we must all take advantage of.