Apple Apps & Accessories You Must Have

MacBooks are powerful devices that give you a great balance of useful features and optimal functionality. After purchasing a new computer and installing the operating system, the first thing is to download the applications that make your work efficient.

Exploring new apps and buying new accessories compatible with your Mac computer is worth it because it improves the overall experience even more. On top of that, downloading some of these apps will not cost you anything more than the download time and disk space.

Best Mac & MacBook Apps You Should Have

MKV Player

MKV files are multimedia container formats that comprise media files containing audio, video, subtitles, and captions. This file format combines these elements even when they are coded distinctively. You can download third-party MKV Player as the QuickTime Player Stored on your Mac does not support MKV files.

You can either select a compatible player to play MKV files or can download the appropriate codec to run these files in the existing media player. https://setapp.com/how-to/best-mkv-players-for-mac lists VLC Player, Mac Blu Ray Player, Elmedia Player, MPlayerX, Movist Pro, Persian, and Plex as the best MKV players.


If you enjoy music and have tested the online streaming services, you should know why and how Spotify stands out from the rest. The dynamic auto-playlist and the enormous tracklog are features that enabled Spotify to win space on the user’s home screen. To be more proficient with the application, learn keyboard shortcuts, and enjoy using the app with ease.

You can use Spotify Premium to listen to your favorite music tracks in offline mode. It is possible to transfer music playlists from other apps to the Swedish audio streaming app following a simple procedure. Alternatively, users can play music from the system library and can even recover the deleted playlist using Spotify.


Manage your to-do list and task manager simply from a single application named Things. The intuitive and interactive user interface of the latest version of the task management app makes it even more powerful. You can add task descriptions, checklists, upcoming task alerts, and automated reminders to manage tasks efficiently.

The trial version of the application allows the users to test the features and functionality of the application without spending anything. If you find the app useful, get the paid version and unlock the extensive features of the application.

Now let’s jump to the Mac or MacBook accessories that amplify the user experience on Apple devices.

Best MacBook Accessories

AirPods for MacBook

With fitted ear-tips and noise cancellation features, AirPod Pro is considered one of the most sophisticated Apple accessories. Its advanced air cancellation features let you lock out the rest of the world while you are listening to a podcast or your favorite music track.

When someone wants your attention, you can switch to the normal mode without removing the AirPods. To use the AirPods (2nd generation), make sure your Mac is running over macOS Mojave or a later version. Moreover, for AirPod Pro, your MacBook must run on macOS Catalina or a later version.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

MacBooks are slim laptops that deserve sleek accessories, and Magic Mouse can be your best pick. These mouse devices are rechargeable and come in a silver and space grey finish. The aesthetic design and lightweight features give you an outstanding experience while you scroll or click the mouse.

The multi-touch controls allow you to scroll across documents and swipe between different web pages seamlessly. With a width of 5.71 cm and a height of 2.16 cm, the magic mouse weighs nearly 22 pounds. This advanced multi-gesture device supports Bluetooth-enabled Mac devices running on OS X 10.11 or later.

Electronic Accessories Strap

Nothing can be more stressful than seeing a scratch on the outer body of your MacBook. Is that right? Keep it inside a protective case to ensure better safety from scratches, scuffs, and other damages. Buy an electronic strap manufactured with premium fabric with multiple pockets for all your digital devices.

The laptop case that you purchase for your Apple MacBook must be water-repellent. Some high-quality laptop straps are designed with a blend of silicone and rubber material to prevent your MacBook and Apple accessories from being damaged.


All in all, Macs are great on their own, but people who want to make even more out of these computers should get in the habit of regularly checking the official App Store and downloading applications they find useful.

In addition, there is value in getting MacBook accessories. Some of them might be a tad expensive at times, but if they bring extra benefits, the money is worth it.


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