Samsung vs Apple: Which One is Better

Today’s smartphone market is huge and involves so many brands. However, it eventually leads to the ultimate battle between two leading companies in the business – Samsung and Apple. Each company is famous for high-end products that stand out in so many different ways. That’s why we decided to make a short comparison and try to figure out which is better.

Still, keep in mind that it’s quite impossible to give a fully objective opinion, considering that we all have a different history with these products. After all, something that works better for one person doesn’t mean it will work better for some other. Therefore, we tried to compare only those aspects that can be measured, at least to some point.

Products Range

One of the biggest differences between the two brands is that, while Samsung offers an incredibly broad range of models, in a wide price range, Apple puts the focus on the higher end. Therefore, you will hardly find its product that costs just a couple of hundreds. On the other hand, Samsung covers all segments of the industry, which makes it an obvious winner in this category.


Since we’ve just established the main difference between the two companies, we will compare only similarly-priced products in this case, such as A14 and S21. Samsung uses new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoCs, which is better in certain areas but if we look at the overall performance, Apple is still way ahead with its old X55. Still, we have to say that Samsung is way superior when it comes to 5G integration.

On paper, Samsung’s performance looks better but Apple’s chips are way better optimized for its platform. In practice, Apple outperforms Samsung when it comes to daily tasks. On the other hand, Samsung is way superior when it comes to batteries. All in all, we would say that the two brands are tied in this category.

User Experience

This is rather a subjective thing but the latest models show us that both companies are getting to the same point of user experience. The two brands are closer than ever in this aspect and that is why we believe that the result is tied in this category.

Operating System and Apps

Apple products use iOS, which is developed for this brand only. On the other hand, Samsung models rely on Android, which is the platform most other smartphone makers use as well. That’s why we feel that Apple products still feel a little bit better integrated, especially when it comes to apps performance and integration with other devices that use the same operating system. Still, we have to say that Samsung is getting better and better. Simply, we are talking about the biggest producer in the world, which always gets the best and the latest versions of Android. Apple wins by an edge in this category.

Advanced gaming

When play mobile games or online casino, the demand for high frequency pixel update and resolution is higher than with normal usage. When play games, Samsung usually has an advantage with high graphics while online casinos are preferably when playing online casino because of the higher resolution.

Design and Durability

When it comes to design, we’ve just mentioned that Samsung has a super wide range of models on offer. The only problem is that flagship models come only in a very big size. So, if you want something more compact, you will probably have to sacrifice a little bit of performance. On the other hand, no matter how big is your iPhone, it will come packed with the same basic features.

When it comes to durability, most Samsung models are reliable, with rock-solid housings. Apple isn’t far from that level either. Once again, we would say it’s tied.

Value for Money

We can compare things in so many ways but it all leads to the same thing – value for money. It’s all about what you get for your money and if we look at the two companies, Apple products are slightly more expensive, but also feel a little bit more sophisticated. On the other hand, a Samsung product from the same class is usually cheaper and a better workhorse. So, we can’t tell which one wins here, as it’s largely about personal preference.

As you can see, we didn’t find out much from this comparison. The only thing that we know is that both companies make fantastic products, but products that are different in many ways.

It’s all about what you want from a phone and to say which one is better is a thing hugely determined by personal preference.

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