Top 9 Photo Editors for Your PCs and Phones

Editing photos is a useful skill. Even if you want to share your favorite TV show on your Instagram page, you have to crop your photo or add some effects. However, these are just a few things you can do while using the following editing tools.


An online image and presentation designer with ready-made layouts and templates for social networks. Canva lets you create posters, booklets, business cards, logos, flyers, postcards, letters, and Instagram posts. There are hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics. You can collaborate on a project in the editor.


Another handy online editor with templates. In it you can create publications for social networks, posters, previews, logos, illustrations for mailings, postcards, business cards, gift certificates. There is a library of audio files and stock photos. The tool provides free fonts, animations, backgrounds, objects and remove background functions.

A photo editor for fast photo processing. Basic functions are available to you: cropping, rotating and resizing images, correcting brightness, contrast, shadows, overlaying frames, text or sticker. Additionally, you can use photo filters and effects.


Fotor is an online image editor with a standard set of features. You can crop and rotate images, adjust contrast and sharpness, and retouch your photos.

Here are just a few Fotor features:

  • You can work in the editor in online mode from any platform.
  • Fotor supports a large number of file formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF).
  • There is an impressive set of tools that allow high-quality editing (wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, red-eye removal, reshaping photos, and much more).
  • There is a large arsenal of filters and special effects that can be combined with each other (blur effect, mosaic, black and white filters, etc.).
  • You can improve the quality of an uploaded photo in automatic mode with just one click.


With this editor, you can make simple retouching, color correction and sharpening, crop, align and reflect the image, add text or photo frames. Or when you are going to share your winnings while betting at Bet22, you can hide your personal data on your picture in seconds.


It’s an alternative to classic Photoshop with a similar interface. It loads files from your local disk or from other sites. The tool is available without registration. On the website of the editor, there are detailed instructions on how to use the functions. Suitable for computers with low performance, for any browser.


This editor has templates for social networks, to create previews for YouTube, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, brochures, newsletters, and event invitations. You can remove the background on photos, create collages, apply filters and effects. 


It’s an online editor with unique filters. With this tool, you can work with colors, light, and details of the photo.

Besides, you can crop or create your own filters with unique parameters in the app. There is a “Back” button to undo changes, and, like in Photoshop, there is no limit to the number of changes you can undo.


This editor is suitable for quick and easy work on images for social media accounts. Registration on the site is not required.

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