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6 Tech Tools to Save Time and Money


Technology is a trustee sidekick helping people out with everything from waking up for the day to organizing work lunches. Some devices can even keep track of your blood pressure, remind you to breathe, and check in on your pet camera while you’re away.

While there are many different devices and gadgets to purchase, knowing which items are worth the time and money can be difficult!

 To help you find practical tech tools that save you time and money, read on to learn about six options!

1. Automatic Bill Paying

Take advantage of automatic bill paying to ensure that your bills are paid on time. Say goodbye to the days of raking up more debt because a payment deadline slipped your mind.

Speaking of debt, work with Tally to pay back your debt in the most effective ways. Tally does the work for you, so you can rest easy knowing your bill review is automatically managed.

2. Task Management Platforms

If you’re looking for a way to save time and money on work productivity, get your staff involved in a shared task management platform. You can download many versions of shared desktop software so that you can start organizing your tasks and communicating with colleagues immediately.

By using a digital platform to organize your tasks, you eliminate paper waste, stay in touch with everyone on your team no matter where you are, and share files saved in the cloud.

Look into Asana or Slack as two workplace management platforms to consider downloading. Both offer premium versions available for download, so you save money as you adjust to learning a new program! Effective communication ensures that everyone’s on the same page for every project.

3. A Fitness Tracker

When you’re on the move, you can keep track of your health stats. Get a fitness tracker to track miles, calories, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and more. Consider this as a source of health technology that you can use at work and when you’re on the go. Save time and skip the gym by tracking stats throughout the day!

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4. Virtual Healthcare Services

Skip the in-person appointment and get your healthcare needs addressed immediately. Start your account with Sesame Care or ZocDoc to connect with an available provider today.

Whether you need medication refills, a yearly checkup, help addressing a specific ailment, telehealth is growing in its ability to help people with all their health problems from the comfort of home!

5. Web Browser Plug-Ins

Get web browser plug-ins that search the web for coupons, discounts, and lower prices. You no longer need to look for deals yourself, saving you time and effort. You save money by utilizing the discounts that web browsers find! Check out plug-ins like Honey to get started!

6. Subscription Grocery Deliveries

By signing up for a grocery scheduling subscription, you can have your groceries delivered on a set schedule so that you save time and money by not needing to shop at, or stop by, the grocery store directly.

Just select the items you want to be delivered, the times for delivery you want, and you’re set. You can even get discounts for subscribing to certain grocery providers. Yep, food delivery just got better.

The Bottom Line

You’ve got so many tools at your fingertips! It’s easier than ever to find affordable technology solutions for everyday problems. Included in humanity’s shared struggles is how to find more time and money to live life to the fullest! Consider the above six tech tools the next time you’re in a crunch or are looking to cut back on expenses.