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Dedicated Team: What Is It And When Is It Used?


Recently, many began to apply for dedicated team services.  Therefore, today we will figure out what it is, and when you should use such services.

What it is?

Let’s start with the definition.  A dedicated development team is a group of specialists who will take over the development of your software product.  This group is taken over by your company and becomes like your remote employees.

Dedicated Team: What Is It And When Is It Used?

Such a development team is focused on results, since they not only write code, but also create tools that solve the problems of your business and help it grow.

When is it better to attract a dedicated team?

There are many ways to get software for your company: order a turnkey development, buy a ready-made solution, or build it on a constructor.  But there is another option – to hire a team of specialists who will do everything under your leadership.  So when do you need a development team?

* You have your own, internal development team, but it does not cope.  Yes, it happens.  Sometimes there are simply not enough employees, and sometimes – the competence of employees to perform certain tasks.  In either case, a dedicated team will be able to significantly enhance yours and take product development to a new level.

* The project is flexible and the composition of the team has to be changed constantly.  No one can afford to hire and fire employees every two weeks.  And the reputation of the company can suffer from such interaction with employees.  By hiring a development team, you get a group of employees that you only pay when they are helpful to you.  If there are no tasks for a certain employee and are not foreseen, the team can be reduced.  The same works the other way around – if you urgently need to strengthen your team, we will provide more employees, and you will not have to select them yourself.

* You do not have a clear technical vision of the final result.  If you know what you need but don’t know how to get it, you need a team of technical experts.  They will help to develop clear terms of reference and may even suggest better ways to solve your problems.

* You need to quickly launch the project and there is no time to search for each individual employee.  It is quite labor-intensive to look for all specialists separately, check their level of competence, and then also try to establish their interaction.  You will waste a lot of time and energy, and the result will remain in question.  It takes no more than a few weeks to assemble a team that will have the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular area.  That is, you almost immediately get coordinated developers who are ready to start working on your project.

Where can you find good developers?

As a rule, finding a good specialist now is not very easy.  Before you start looking for a development team, you need to define goals and objectives in order to understand what exactly the team will have to do for you.  This will make it much easier for you to communicate with candidates.  Then research the offerings in the market, find those developers whose values   coincide with yours, so that you speak the same language and see one goal – a successful product.  And then, even if you do not know how the interaction goes and how the processes of cooperation with the software development team are established, the managers of the companies that offer such a service will tell you about everything.  And you can choose the option of interaction that is most convenient for you.

And so as not to waste time searching.  You can ask for help DICEUS, if you really want to get a cool result.