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How to Strengthen your Brand with Technology



Today, consumers expect an increasingly personalized experience. By leveraging modern tools, your brand can connect to its target audience better, boost recognition and drive sales. Technological advancement of recent years has created a plethora of opportunities for interactions that strengthen customer loyalty.

Building a mobile-friendly website or investing in a sleek app is only the beginning. To forge ahead in the digital age, businesses need to implement new forms of communication with their staff and customers. A trusted agency like appkong.com will help you develop an optimal strategy to drive awareness and sales. Here are some of the latest tech trends you could leverage:

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1. Offer Opt-In Services

Establishing a connection to your customer is just the beginning. In order to nurture a relationship, you need to leverage demographic insights. Staying in touch could mean sharing content, providing product updates or notifying about special offers.

Let your customers decide what kind of information they would like to receive. Do not bombard them with updates without consent. Offer something valuable, such as a white paper or a newsletter devoted to discounts and special deals.

2. Enhance Communication with Video

This aspect of modern technology can make interactions within your company more efficient. Even though the pandemic has made online conferences a must, many users prefer not to turn on their webcams. Video makes meetings way more engaging, as gestures, facial expressions and other elements of nonverbal communication are visible.

Communicating through video is not the same as being in one room, but it is still better than using only voice. Whenever possible, encourage your team to meet in person or via video. For client communication, phone calls are better than email, as things can be misunderstood if they are written poorly. Try to meet with clients regularly or video call, or at least call by phone, if possible.

3. Create a Vlog

Videos are always more engaging than textual content or static images. They also provide one more touch point with prospective buyers and add value to your business in a progressive way. Let your potential customers see you and hear you.

Create a vlog or a YouTube channel where you can publish engaging videos that answer common questions about your industry and products. Focus on highlighting value for the target audience. Describe ways in which your offerings can make their lives better or more convenient.

4. Ensure Consistency Across Online and Offline Channels

Whatever digital tools you use, the appearance and messaging of your brand must be consistent. Users should get the same impression of your brand on social media, your website, and any other channels where you advertise it. This is crucial for brand recognition and awareness, as users will be less likely to confuse you with competitors.

Secondly, consistency helps companies boost engagement and loyalty. They can start interactions via an app or social media site, and take them to their online or brick-and-mortar stores.

5. Use A Lead Form

A lead form on your website will let visitors send queries directly to your team. This will add a personal feel to their experience. In addition, you can leverage these forms to collect more information for customer profiles and enhance the website to meet your visitors’ needs better.

6. Combine Technology With Human Insights

While advancements in AI have given us chatbots and automatic tools for comment moderation, it is still important to combine it with human input. A chatbot is suitable for dealing with typical questions and letting users find specific information. Yet, complex issues still need to be escalated to a team.

Even the most sophisticated technologies cannot fully understand the subtleties of our emotions. Find the ideal balance between humans and bots to foster meaningful long-term relationships with customers.

7. Create Virtual Focus Groups

If your company is involved in mobile, web or software development, hold usability sessions with customers via video. Systems like UserTesting let businesses collect feedback on websites, prototypes and apps, and gain insights into the tech habits and purchase behaviors of the focus group. This model is more efficient and scalable than the old-school approach.

8. Be Personal

The most effective marketing messages are personalized. Instead of bombarding consumers with generic promotions, focus on creating the impression of one-on-one conversations. Address your target in the first person, show that you care about their needs to build trust and credibility. Avoid explicitly salesy language

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9. Overcome the Anonymity Barrier

Not every consumer is happy about communicating with a company directly. For example, millennials are known for their aversion to phone conversations and in-person meetings. They prefer anonymous tax or emails. Reach out to them where they spend most of their time — on social media. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat allow brands to engage millennials without being perceived as intrusive.

11. Incorporate Video Into Your Sales

Our video can help you boost sales in both b2c and b2b. For example, if your business is a marketing agency, you can create short videos with audits of clients’ sites and suggested solutions. You can even introduce them to staff members who will contribute to their campaigns.

This way, you kill two birds with one stone — personalize your interactions and show clients the people behind the curtain. Give them a sneak peek behind the scenes.

12. Share Your Magic Through Video, Photos, and Livestreams

If your company has created an attractive office and a great corporate culture, why not showcase these achievements? Candid live streams, photography, and video will let you express your brand identity and make clients excited about working with you.

13. Use Social Live Features

Does your company have a strong presence on social media? Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, can help you show your brand’s personality in new ways. Use the Facebook Live feature to engage your audiences through video.

You can show your team, explain how your company works, and communicate your values. In addition, this format also allows you to collect feedback in real time. The same service is provided on Instagram.