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How To Improve Your Internet Speed


We are living in the online world more than we live in the real world. At present, we might live without food for a day or two, but we can not survive without the internet.

Speaking of the internet, we must add that no one likes slow internet. While watching movies or playing games online, we hate it when it starts loading and starts round and round. The only solution here is boosting up your internet speed.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, our lives have been stuck in our homes. We are working remotely, even attending schools and lectures through online classes. So, you see, you need an internet connection with the required speed.

Improve Your Internet Speed

If your internet is slow, there can be a lot of reasons. Also, you have a lot of solutions to avoid that. Here we are going to guide you with some tips and tricks that you can use on how to increase your internet speed.

So, now, let’s have a look at them.

1.     Check Your Data Cap

Most of us do not have any idea about Data Cap. Also, your ISP or internet service provider also does not mention anything about a data cap. It is basically a data limit of some megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes after consuming that your internet speed gets decreased automatically.

If your ISP is not giving you the proper answer, you need to check your bills, and you will get to know how much you are consuming and whether you are exceeding the limit or not. If you are repeatedly consuming more than that, you should opt for a higher plan.

2.     Move Your Router

Sometimes, the location of your router becomes the reason for your slow internet connection. Avoid placing the router at any remote corner of your house. This way, wi-fi signals can not reach your device, and you get internet speed issues.

Place it at a middle point of your house, so that from everywhere in your house, you can get clear access to the Wi-Fi signals. So shift your router today and enjoy more improved internet speed.

3.     Reset Your Router

Your router also needs some rest just like yours. Once in a month or two, you should reset your router. In case you are experiencing some serious issues regarding the speed of your internet, you should consider resetting your router on a daily basis.

When you are resetting your router, it is stimulating the connection to your ISP. in case a modem is also there along with your router, do not forget to reset it too. You can save the configuration before resetting it so that you can set it up again.

4.     Use Ethernet Cables

We all love Wi-Fi these days. However, it also comes with a lot of issues, and it also can be the reason why you are experiencing internet speed issues. The only way to solve this is to opt for a wired connection.

Yes, we are asking you to go with ethernet. We understand it is not possible to use the ethernet in all cases and with all devices. You can consider connecting with ethernet where this is totally possible to eliminate the internet speed issues.

5.     Use Antivirus Software

Mostly we all use antivirus or malware protectors. If you are not using one, we highly recommend you to get one and install it in your system. It will scan your system and also remove any type of virus, malware, or harmful objects from your system.

Malware has major effects on your internet speed. You might not know the file you have downloaded from the internet has become the reason for your slow internet connection as it consists of some malware. So, get antivirus and improve your internet speed.

6.     Use An Ad Blocker

Almost every piece of content in the online world comes with advertisements. You might not be interested at all in seeing all those ads, but your internet does. All those unnecessary ads are actually slowing down your internet speed.

So, either you can close those ads at the beginning, or the best way is to use an ad blocker. By using an ad blocker, you can block all those unnecessary ads, and your internet speed will get a boost instantly.

7.     Opt For A Faster Internet Plan

When you are getting an internet connection, you might have checked the internet speed from your internet service provider or ISP. Later in case you are experiencing any trouble with the internet speed, it might be because the speed is not enough for your internet usage.

So, consult with your ISP right now, and ask them to upgrade your internet plan. Again do not forget to check for the internet speed they are providing. If you are not sure, ask them to suggest something on the basis of your purposes or usage.

Enjoy High-Speed Internet

Before you are choosing an ISP, you should check different ISPs and go through the review section of the providers. You also can ask your friends and colleagues what they are using and how the internet speed is.

If you already have one, you also can try speeding the internet by clearing cache and using different browsers.