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Gaming Industry Marketing Secrets Revealed


Whether you’re looking to launch a PC gaming studio or an online casino game platform, success is by no means guaranteed. History is littered with examples of promising gaming companies that failed spectacularly, regardless of how good their product offering was.

One reason why some game companies have failed in the past is that they were unable to effectively market their games to their target audiences.

Success in this highly competitive industry depends largely on your ability to stand apart from competitors and engage with people who want to play the types of games you are offering. With that in mind, here are some gaming industry marketing secrets that could help you to succeed.

Platform marketing is key

In the modern gaming industry, having a presence on the right platform is now essential for marketing success. With console games, a huge amount of market spends now goes into effectively marketing for YouTube, especially when it comes to trailers and gameplay footage.

Meanwhile, online games such as MMOs increasingly rely on streaming platforms such as Twitch to effectively market to the target audience. Do your market research to determine which platforms to prioritize.

Always offer a freebie

When you are just starting out, it is important to offer a slice of your product for free to reel customers in. This can also help to generate some buzz around your product. This has been done to great effect within the online casino gaming industry, for example.

Many of the top casino game platforms market their slots and online table games by offering hours of free gameplay via welcome bonuses to catch the attention of players. As this updated listing by Bonusfinder demonstrates, the use of free casino game credit and deposits is widespread among all of the most successful real-money gaming platforms. A small freebie can go a long way towards establishing market share.

App store optimization matters

When it comes to mobile gaming especially, it is helpful to optimize your app store listing so that it appears at the top of search results when users look for the kinds of games you are offering. App Store SEO is very similar to traditional SEO.

It’s all about using the right keywords in your listing and providing quality media such as video trailers and screenshots to accompany it. Also, don’t forget to optimize your mobile game for multiple app stores, instead of solely relying on Apple or Google.

Tap the influencer market

In the past few years, influencer marketing has become integral to the gaming industry success. The most dedicated gamers, which are the ones most likely to spend more on your product, increasingly take their cues from influencers on blogs and streaming platforms. Conduct thorough market research and try to identify influencers that could help you increase your brand visibility. You can even use micro-influencers to market your game company without breaking the bank.

By following these secrets to game marketing success, you can identify your niche and stand out from the competition. Once you have a solid user base, the rest comes easily.