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Top 9 Apps for Outdoor and Home Workouts


Sports is what you must add in your daily routine not only because it lets you stay fit but also because it makes you healthier. To ease it, select one of these user-friendly apps available for both Android and iOS devices. 


With any physical activity, the app allows you to achieve results: lose weight, gain muscle mass or improve physical fitness. In the app, a digital personal trainer tells you how to create the perfect workout based on your previous results.

Audio coaching will help you find lasting motivation for your workouts. The free version has 20 workouts, 20 audio sessions and 25 exercises, while the paid package already has over 180 exercises.


FitOn is not just animations that show how to properly perform exercises, but videos recorded with professional trainers, some of whom were coaching top athletes often winning at Bet20. Users can expect exclusive workouts led by Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Jonathan Van Ness. There are short 10-minute workouts to help keep the body toned.


An app from PUMA where more than 120 workouts are available to you. Users get personalized workouts with world-class athletes. You can do running, yoga, Pilates and stretching. Additionally, you can access offers from PUMA and workout to your own music from Spotify and Apple Music.

In the app, you can subscribe to users and listen to their music, and set up integration with social media.

Nike Training Club

It’s another app from the sports brand. Nike Training Club offers more than 190 workouts from 5 to 45 minutes and 4 types of programs: for training in the gym, without equipment, for beginners and a program to improve endurance. The workouts are designed for different muscle groups: arms, shoulders, glutes, legs, and abs.

Like the previous app, this is great for exercising outside the home with friends during the summer.

Adidas Training

The app from Adidas allows you to create personalized workouts from 7 to 45 minutes with the Workout Builder feature. With a premium subscription, you can determine your fitness level with a fitness test, choose a goal and number of workouts per week, select one of five programs, and create your own workout by selecting the area you’d like to work on. The app is set up with Apple TV integration.


The name of the app itself says how many minutes each workout lasts – seven. The workouts are done without any equipment and are suitable for the beginner as well as the athlete. You’ll get extra motivation to exercise by competing with friends and participating in a training marathon.

With a paid subscription, you can achieve results much faster with personalized training and access to more than 200 exercises.  

You Are Your Own Gym

Workouts from fitness instructor Mark Lauren for people of all fitness levels. There are over 200 exercises in the app, during which you can use a variety of homemade items. Workouts from 2 to 36 minutes per day are great for students in preparation for a session. There is an option to track the progress of saved workouts in Apple Health. There are voice prompts built into the app, and a video will help you understand exactly what to do.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga classes at your own pace. The program includes 27 sessions of varying length and complexity. Soothing audio and visual instructions will help you relax. You can connect your music from your music library or Spotify instead of the default music, and play your workout on Apple TV. There are 350 pose illustrations available in the app.

Down Dog

It’s another yoga app. Great for beginners. All practices are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back. The user can choose one of the 6 yoga teachers whose voice he likes best. The app can be used offline to practice yoga outdoors. The music in the app speeds up and slows down in rhythm with your breath. The app automatically syncs with all devices.