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The Difference Between Crypto and Regular Casinos


The world of online casinos has grown a lot in the past couple of years. There have been new sites springing up and established ones increasing the number of players that visit them. But there have been new trends in various areas. One such area is finance and it has been revolutionized with the introduction of crypto coins.

They offer lots of benefits and over time their base of users has grown considerably. That’s why some casino sites have decided to offer cryptocurrencies as payment methods. But some of them completely rely on crypto to make things happen.

That’s why there are certain differences between regular online casinos and their crypto counterparts. As a player, you might come across sites like www.novibet.ie, and they will offer lots of benefits. Some of them will be bonuses and a big selection of games. Either way, the main thing to remember about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Crypto Casinos Offer Better Security

Safety and security are 2 things that both crypto and regular casino sites take seriously. However, crypto casinos offer a more secure gaming environment. That’s because crypto users enjoy the perks of anonymity. In other words, they’re anonymous because crypto assets require a username and a password to be utilized. Crypto sites need the same 2 things to work with and nothing more.

That way no personal information is exposed and the site’s client is secure. On the other hand, you have regular casinos which require the address, name, and other personal information for a player to make an account. The site may offer protection, but in the case of a potential hack, this information can be exposed.

Crypto Casinos Offer Faster Transactions

Fiat money can be used to make transactions online regardless of whether you’re buying something or making a deposit or withdrawal at a casino site. But certain transactions can take longer than others. In general, deposits at regular online casinos are completed in an instant. But withdrawals can take some time. Some sites process them longer and it takes some time before they reach your account.

When it comes to crypto casinos, processing deposits and withdrawals is done in an instant. Pick any crypto coin you want, as there are lots of them, and you’ll learn that transactions are processed in a matter of seconds. It’s one of their perks and it’s a reason why more and more players go for crypto casinos. Why wait for days when you can be done in under a minute?

Crypto Casinos Offer Bigger Prizes

Regular casinos offer jackpots as prizes regardless of whether they’re progressive or not. The problem with prizes at these sites is that they are in fiat money. In other words, cryptocurrencies are volatile which means their value can increase in a short span. So, if you win a prize on a crypto casino site, then you have a chance to win more. For example, if the prize is 100 Bitcoins, and their price value is up, you’ll have won a lot more.

With these differences, it’s evident why more and more players will go for crypto casinos. They offer what regular casinos do, but with better benefits. These casinos are the future of the world of iGaming.