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How Picking the Right Mobile Tech Can Make Playing Slots Even More Enjoyable


Apple iPhone 13 mini Pink” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

Modern slots games have come on by leaps and bounds in the last few years. There have been countless new themes introduced and the games themselves have become more and more sophisticated. So these days it’s all a far cry from three reels with fruits like grapes, melons and apples spinning round and, hopefully, coming up with a winning combination.

Instead, there are up to five reels which can include multiple ways to win, video inserts, special effects and even killer soundtracks. What’s more, pretty much all slots worth playing have now also been adapted to be played on mobile tech like cellphones and tablets. It all adds up to the fact that, to enjoy them to the full, it makes sense to get the sort of tech that will enhance the experience, not hinder it.

For example, the graphics on a game like Starburst Slot have been so well designed and thought out that only the best and most crystal-clear of screens will really do them justice. The images and symbols used in the game include bright, glittering gems that are literally exploding in space. So a dull display with poor definition will mean that you’ll only be getting part of the experience that the developers have intended to create.

So, if you were putting together a list of phones that could fit the bill, at the top would probably be the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This features the best-ever screen that comes with a 120 Hz refresh. But, if you were going to go for an Android option, the obvious one to choose would probably be the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The big 6.8” screen on this also adds to the overall experience.

How Picking the Right Mobile Tech Can Make Playing Slots Even More Enjoyable

Monstar Gear Gaming Headphones G700” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

You don’t want the sound of the game to be overshadowed by the visual impact, either. So picking a phone that can reproduce the sound effects and really immerse you in the experience is a must. Again, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is outstanding, It might be lacking a headphone jack and buying wireless headphones will cost you extra. But for the times when you can rely on the phone’s speakers alone, they’re pretty impressive. Designed to give stereo playback, complete with Dolby Atmos, you’ll wonder how the device can sound so good across all the frequencies.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for wired sound to compete the playing experience, then there’s a surprise contender. The LG V60 Thin Q has been getting great reviews for plenty of aspects ever since it launched – including the special Quad-DAC component that processes digital audio signals four times in sequence and converts them to analog mode. The overall effect is to create an incredibly high level of quality and detail to the sound. Combined with a top of the range set of headphones, you may not quite believe your ears.

So there you have it – the tech to get if you want to enjoy the ultimate slots sensory experience.